Saturday, May 26, 2012

My pra-wedding...



Almost forgot that I've actually been to a pre-wedding course aka Kursus Kahwin.
Last 19th May, at Southampton.

I was so excited! but I fall asleep halfway through the course... =P

 Us waiting for the train... and carrying polystyrene for the food.. he3
 pic: Akmar Nabila

 pic: Upmy

pic: Upmy

pic: Upmy

 I hope I still can get my 'sijil' even though I slept through the course.. huhu 
(I was tired, it was in assignment week.. that's

 and nobody is getting married this year, I went because it is free, yay! >_<

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last Tuesday we have our ICT website presentation.
5 hours (we started from 1 pm and finished about 6.. that's 5 hours right?) in a classroom listening to people's talking. I was dying. X_x

But Susan (my lecturer) is amazing. I totally admire her. She was there since 10 am in the morning and she  can still pay attention to each one of us presenting. You're amazing Susan, you're a STAR! ^_^

It feels like ages since I last went outside. (Yeah, cuz everyone just stays at home doing their assignment. )
And look! How hot the weather is!
we need to do something!
we need a vacation,
a trip
or maybe a picnic in a park

Friday, May 18, 2012

to FarahAda...

I wasn't really depressed or anything when I wrote my last post,,well, maybe I was feeling a bit melancholy-- I was tired and unmotivated, ...but that's about it.

but 'Someone' drop a few nice comments on my chatbox and I cried reading that, lol

They are still there but I'd love to show her messages here;

farahADA: salam kak faiqah~! :) 
farahADA: be happy sokmo. :) i just love your happy+happening+comeycomeyself
farahADA: bile bc post sedih2, jd sedih jgop. :( 
farahADA:Lagu bes. tp mcm sedih. tp still bes! hehe. stay cute kak faiqah.

Thanks Ada, for making me smiling with tears, ha3

i just love your happy+happening+comeycomeyself.

wow, I love that one!  that's the nicest thing someone ever say to me, hi3,

I probably cried the hardest reading that.. =P

I don't like to stand out, or rather don't know how to


to think that someone notice me
and like me for who I am

that's like the best feeling in the world!! ^o^

and I always thought of myself as useless;

I can't lead,
   can't talk
  can't show emotions
very unstable! (----- my biggest problem

so, kind words like that means a lot to me  =)

 So, to Ada,
 a doctor-to-be
 thank you so much,
 for the 'motivation'
 though we haven't met a lot before,
 but I know that
 you're a girl with the kindest heart,
 one day,
 you'll be a great doctor,and a great somebody, aamin~ ♥

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I miss you, blog!
I miss blogging,
I miss writing,
I miss remembering all the the good and the bad times,
I miss being crazy,
I miss being silly,

I just miss...
being me.

Funny how you can't feel your own presence anymore.

I've just lost myself, and I'm looking for it now.


Assignment Literature- done
Assignment Lesson plan- done
Exam SOE- done
Assignment ICT- in coming
Research study-in coming

Malaysia- I'm coming! 

tehee =D


eat well,
sleep well,
and may you find every possible reason to smile and be happy.



Monday, May 7, 2012

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃