Sunday, November 28, 2010

I like you, I hate you, I like you, I hate you, No, I always like you actually.


I really like you when you're a
cutie little freak like this.

I dissed you when you changed and become 'normal' like this,

But then, I guess short hair doesn't look so bad on you.

and now, I like you again!!

Looks like I have to cut down on my lunch money so I can buy ticket to London and go to Madame Tussauds wax house and hunt down for you wax dolly and take an awful lotsa picture and pretend like I meet the real Bill Kaulitz!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anna Blue.


Anna Blue is sooooooo cool!!
and the fact that the song is in German
makes it zillion times cooler!
They have English and Spanish version as well,
but they sound like *bleh~

Who's Anna Blue?
I don't know who she is,
no one knows who she is,
She never shows her real face,
She just want people to 'listen' to her.
(That's so cool isn't it??)

Anna Blue

Talking about German........
I skipped German class again...he3.. for the third time~!!
omigosh!! Sorry Antonia... I really, really love your class but..
9 am is a bit toooo early..(bull-crap excuse) and I always purposely overslept, so sorry..
I promise I gonna take one whole day studying German to make up for that~
-taking this class for fun, but still have to sit for exams as well... verdammt!


When I first listen to this song,
I think it's so beautiful,
and it reminds me of you.
You are my Superhuman.
You're always there when I need you.
When everyone else is turning their back away from me,
I know I can always go to you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter Snow?

Menunggu salji turun..
Diorang cakap salji turun hari ni..
Ak bangun2 tdo trus bukak tingkap..TADA!
nampak titik2 putih atas jalan kat bawah Harry Law..
Mati2 igtkan salji, rupanya sampah dan puntung2 rokok...chitt~

Alahai.. turun salji ke kat Portsmouth yg "panas" ni??
Aii actually x kisah sgt pon ade ke x.. tp kalau ade kan best..
boleh la buat drama Winter Sonata plak.. he3
Check2 weather broadcast tadi, de yg cakap hari Jumaat ni la..
Hari isnin ni la.. ntahla..tunggu dan lihat je la..+_0

Jeles dgn Warwick, bukan takat salji, siap ade 'hujan ais' lagi..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Racing against Time.

I wish I have 48-hours a day,
24-hours to do fun things,
and the other 24-hours to do not-so-fun things..
I'm racing against time..
and always feel like I'm losing...=_=

Antara ciri-ciri orang yg suka membazir masa...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around Portsmouth in 66 days~

Just a crappy video showing some places that I've went and things that I've done during 66 days
staying in Portsmouth..^^

So hard to cram everything into a 3-minutes video!!
Taking pictures is 'old'... taking videos is fun! hahaha~
originally made in England.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Learn a Bad Word a Day!


*True situations*

One night, I heard noises from outside of my window,
I took a peep and saw a bunch of people,
shouting and laughing at other people upstairs.

"Fook off, you b*tch!"
"You fook off!!"
"You suck my d*ck, you nig*a!!"
"Go to hell!!"
then someone else shouted," Shut the fook up!!"

and more and more noises they made
until they eventually got tired and went back to their room.

My corridor mates : :
Sometimes they went out and only came back at 2,3 am in the morning
chatting and laughing at the corridor, making noises
Until someone has to get up and tell them to go to sleep,
It will usually involve a lil bit of 'fights'.

"Can you guys go to bed now? Stop making noises, people are sleeping.
blah, blah~"
"well, at least I don't go around making f*cking noises along the corridors!"
" oh, really? So you don't really f*cking care, do you? You motha-a*s"
and more and more cursing and swearing until they're all tired,
apologize to one another and went to sleep.

When you're living in a small building
with a bunch of so-called 'cool' teenagers,
you'll learn lots of interesting things.
and hear some pretty interesting 'stuff' too.

In classes I learn proper British English,
grammar, lexical semantics, sociolinguistics, syntax, ect, ect
Back in my hall, I learn UK teen slang, 'types' of cursing,  
new swear words everyday,'a lexicon of teen speak' ect, ect~
which is quite interesting to explore actually.

F*ck, b*itch, ni*ga, d*ck, tw*t, pr*ck are 
 common bad words, even when I'm still in Malaysia,
I've already aware of these words ( blame it on Youtube!)
but what about these expressions?

: : popped their cherry
: : jacking off
: : wanking, wanker
: : beat the meat
: : snatch
: : teabag
: : beaver
: : crackhead
: : bagsied

 source: uk's tv

Sometimes, words that are not originally a bad thing (cherry, beaver..ect,ect.)
can have very 'shocking' definitions in UK teenage slang.
Watch UK teen dramas with uncensored language.
It seems like the society has accepted that,
this is the way their 'normal' teenagers speak.
 It's really interesting though, to see how language changes through generations.
Question: Is it really, really necessary to know bad words?? gross!
 Me: No. But it might come in handy if you're walking down the streets (particularly in UK)
and someone greets you and say
"Hey, nice 'cherry' you have there!"
and you smile back and say,"Thank you". ....Awkward~!
( Unless you really are, carrying a cherry, then, it won't be a big deal.)

by-that-Study-Skill's-assignment~ gosh!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot♥mess and Misfits~!


Warning: As appears on the opening of the video, this clip contains absolutely strong and inappropriate language that may offend young children or those with soft, angelic heart condition who have never been exposed to UK teenage language. So don't watch this video if you fall into any of these categories or it may upset you.


So sorry that my boy has such a 'dirty' mouth lol!
pffft.. big deal, I've heard a lot worse in Harry's hallway though~
Remember not to use these kind of words in your essays,
or it will send your English teacher straight to heaven, God bless~
aww..poor baby... he looks so lost back then..
like a strayed homeless puppy...confused and absurd in his own way..
Gosh~he's such a hot mess!.. hahaha~

 I like this evil+twisted+funny+sick+hella cute guy!!!!

isss currently obsessed with British live action superhero drama, Misfits
though the language is a pain to hear, but it's the only story that makes me laugh like yeah'
and if a show can make me laugh, then it must be really really absolutely funny, trust me on this one

and the shooting locations are mostly in South east London.. 
man, I misread it at first and thought it was South east 'England'
got me almost jumped off the window, thinking that they could have came down to Portsmouth =_=
cehh~ macam la Portsmouth ni glamour sangat~ bleh masuk TV

Got to finish this cruel assignment quick!
I wanna watch the whole episodes!!

The sentences below are out of context.. just ignore~

Apologizing for putting nonsensical posts and writing nonsensical things
I just have to get away from the pressure of the evil assignment my head is spinning around and
I think I'm gonna blow up if I can't find any things to distract me for a while
hamsters, bunnies, cute boys.. things that will  usually works for me omigosh am I that
sick??? whatever~
used to have a roommate to go 'crazy' together
but now I'm all alone in this nonsensical building
  and only have this blog to talk to
so.. don't mind if I do
I really really hate working on my brain, sick!!
oh well, back to assignment............
if you haven't heard from me in the next few days
I've probably lying dead after working on the essays...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Eve!

 Imran: You know It's our Eid day today...
Amy and Jay: Oh, really??can we celebrate, can we celebrate??! (dengan excited giler ni)
Imran: (... ) well.. we don't actually do any particular stuff on that day.. no parties or anything.. just spending time with family.. bla bla~
Amy and Jay: oo.. oh, well, happy Eve! happy Eve!

me: lol~

Upon hearing the words 'Happy Eve', then I just remembered that it's Aidiladha day they're talking about. Imran had been reminding me a lot about this day. Asking me if I wanna join him and his friends hanging out,  watching movies or stuff.. I guess.. that's how they celebrate Aidiladha here? "Don't worry, they're not like these guys... they're girls wearing headscarf, just like you," oh, ok.. I don't really mind, lol..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, friends.. and Mi and Lin kat rumah... and Atin yg kena raya kat perantauan jugak..he3... ah.. suddenly remember how on this special day, people are coming over to our house sending meat until my mom complains how 'nazak' our small fridge is..haha..and we will be eating a lot and a lot of meat for weeks... and we'll sit together making 'sambal daging'...delicious!
but now, I can only recall back those memories from my mind =) oh, well~ it's the spirit that matter.

mmm...........back to assignment.....=(

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New boy in my Heart ♥

Atin, mu kena baca nih....hehehe

Went on YouTube..
Found this guy..
oh sweet holly banana!!~ so freakin gorgeous!

(mmmmm, kenapalah post ak sume psl 'boys' ajer ye skang??? what can I do, baby! I'm so gay~ lolzz)

Can't find much pictures of him on the web though...
Watch him in Misfits, good series!
he's funny as hell~
After I watched him carefully, I noticed that he looks sooo familiar..
the face, the voice, the way he speaks...
after a lil research, I found out that he's actually King Louis in Young Blades!!

Omg, Atin, do you remember we used to watch this on TV2 yeaarssss ago?!
The King is so hella stupid and funny! lol

And..................Don't you think he looks a bit like Bill?

Finally I found a good looking UK actor.. oh, wait, he's Irish... o crap!

can't believe I met him again... in the middle of assignment week..


☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃