Thursday, September 22, 2011


Its 6.44 am and im in the bus to london. (for no particular reason, though)

All i can see is fog (or is it mist?) everywhere and im sleeeeeepy....zzzzzZzzZzz

Kbai! -_o

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The chills and the creeps.

I arrived safely in uk around 6 am... After 8 hours of tiring waiting in Jeddah airport and two hours to get to Portsmouth from London by bus.. and taxi to get to Margate Road..

---It's one heck of a journey,, and at this moment Im walking like a granny and my right eye is swollen... Yeah i might look like a witch rite now But im so glad to be in uk again!! ;)

Im spending the night in our new rented house and it's creepy like hellz, it's cold n empty and smelly. N theres only the two of us cuz the others will only arrive tomorrow. I miss Harry Law and my old room :'(

When we first got into the house, there was somthing that caught our eyes, this;

It's a cushion (im glad it's not alive) shaped like a giant tarantula sitting on a rock or somthing and note at the ugly colors. I thought it was a dog at first.

Well, thats all for now,,
Its 3 am and i dont know what else to do.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Beautiful Lie-----♥

I'll be going back to UK in a few days...... Can't really say what I feel at the moment~ I'm not feeling sad, nor am I happy. I just try to keep my feelings -'neutral'. There's no use of being too sad when you can't really do anything about it.

When people met me, they will usually ask, "How's life in UK? It must be really wonderful! You must really like living there...bla bla.." and before I can actually say anything (well,  I'll usually just smile unless they really expect me to give an answer) they will look at me with sparkles in their eyes and tell me how lucky I am and how jealous they are and how they would love to go there too and how I should enjoy my stay in UK to the fullest~~~

Yeah, they're quite right actually. UK is the best place to study, I can't really imagine any better place. But it's not the best place to live, I wouldn't want to stay here longer than 3 years. Honestly.

But when people ask me that question, "How's life in UK?" - I will usually give my 'safe' answer "Well..  it's nothing special~ sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.. life in other country is not always as fun as it seems. Sometimes we post happy things on Facebook, we posted pictures of us playing in the snow and pictures of our trip to Paris,,ect,ect... but after a while we would be lying on our bed crying... because we miss our parents and miss our home and just wanna go back to warm and sunny Malaysia, hehehehehe"

To be really honest, life in oversea is just.. lonely. o_O

S Club 7 - Say Goodbye
Hey, I wasn't trying to be cheesy or anything, (lol)
this song is pretty^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real-life doll???

Yikes! For a second, I must say I was burning with jealousy when I first saw this picture-perfect girl. How can someone be soo lucky!! ~urghh >_<

She looks like a real life doll, with super-cute face and super-slim figure. I really thought she's Caucasian or half Asian at first -cuz Asian don't have that nose!-, but turns out she's a full Chinese girl (eh??)

I started to dig out more info on this girl (and yes, this is absolutely time-wasting activity but I'm just a curious-cat~ meow!) and found out that this girl is just your everyday school girl living in China. She posted pictures of herself in a social website and suddenly became an overnight internet sensation. It is said that many Koreans wanted to befriends her after seeing her pictures (and I wonder why... =_=).

But soon people began to question her 'perfectly-perfect' looks and many accused her purposely faking the photos.

OMG, you can totally tell whether the photos are fake or real, of course it's fake!
it is obviously Photoshopped!

For one sec, I thought the face is real but if you stare for 5 to 60 seconds- you can tell her face doesn't match well with the body. Her face is too small, eyes too big, no facial lines whatsoever and not even trace of shadows on her face, it's just unnaturally flawless (specially the last pic).

And she has already ADMIT this herself, it's all the wonder of Photoshop.This is her without too much Photoshop;

and this is her without Photoshop;

I think she still look pretty and at least; more 'human'.

It's said that many guys were heart-broken after knowing that the doll girl doesn't really exist.
You poor boys~ What can you expect? Only Yuna from Final Fantasy can look that perfect, and HELLO, it's called 'FANTASY' for a reason! =P
Just accept girls the way we are, okay?

p/s: I want to go back to UK but I don't want to go back to UK, 
I know I'm contradicting myself.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My little theory on Marriage ~(o_O)~

When two or more girls get together, the subject of 'marriage' will pop out no matter how pointless it seems to discuss about it, since neither of us are getting married -at the moment- or even have a steady boyfriend.

I always try my best to avoid talking about marriage when I'm hanging out with my girl-friends, cuz I hate it when girls always talk about boys, love and all that dreamy-dreamy stuff while boys generally talk about football, video games and what's the latest gadget in town~

- it just make boys look so cool and girls look so laaame... =_= it's not fair!

BUt I'll make an exception today,
cuz I wanna talk about my theory on teenagers and marriage..
(yeah, it sounds BIG but actually... not really)

Based on my observation (lol), I think how teens react to marriage is greatly influence by their parents marriage. (dang, this is my thesis statement, haha)

I mean, youngsters who are so eager to get married usually have parents who were married in early age and have a happy and great relationship. While those who are a bit hesitate to get married probably comes from a problematic family.

Do I make any sense? Do you agree with me?

I can relate this theory to people around me, remember my Netherlands friend who were born through sperm donation? She told me that she keeps seeing potential in boys whenever she looks at them (Ex: Can this boy be a good husband? Can he be a good father?) These questions keeps playing in her mind causing her to fear the idea of getting married to someone. She can't seems to understand how two people can love each other that they can spend their rest of life together. Well, considering her background, I can understand why she thinks that way. Her father doesn't live with her so she can't imagine how boys can be a good father once they're married.

Annnd I have lots of friends whose parents got married early and have a happy life together and this has cause their children to plan on getting married at younger age as well. They have seen how everything work out fine for their parents and automatically believe that everything will turn out fine for them too.So, that's why they are too excited to get married.

BUT (!) careful, just because your parents have a great marriage it doesn't guarantee that you will have that perfect happy marriage too,, and if your parents had had a broken marriage, it doesn't mean that yours will be a bad one too.. everything has been planned by God and He knows what's best for us, rite?

 (of course, this is not 100% correct and lots of other factors count too...)

Well,,, guess that's all for my not so 'awesome' theory!
I hope I didn't offend anyone,
My only intention is just to share what I had in mind;
and sure we all can talk about things that we feel like talking,
whether it's about boys, marriage, football, video games or the latest gadget in town~
am-so-absolutely cool about it

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inappopriate Drama.

Baru2 ni ada terbaca pasal filem "Hantu Bonceng" lakonan Zizan yang dikatakan menghina Islam. Xtau nak cakap ape sbb x tengok lagi movie tu.. ada orang cakap best, ada orang cakap membazir duit je pergi tengok.. tp dengar kata kutipannya dah cecah RM5 juta dalam masa 5 hari... wow...well, biasalah kat Malaysia ni filem2 camtu la yang paling laku.. kadang2 bosan dengan genre filem kt negaraku yg tercinta ni.. asyik2 hantu, mat rempit, gangster, anak mami...hantu, mat rempit, gangster, anak mami... bila ler nk kuar cerita yang 'bijak' sket...

Tapi ni nak cerita pasal "drama yang menghina Islam"... x sure la nak kata "menghina" cuz that word is pretty harsh.. anyway, ingat x lagi drama Dunia Baru kat tv3 dulu-dulu? Yang lakonan Elyana tu... actually x minat sangat pon cerita tu tp dalam x minat2 tu ada banyak episod gak yg aii tengok..hehehe

Antara part yang dirasakan (atau mungkin perasaanku saja?) inappropriate ialah watak Pierre Andre sebagai Mohd Adif yang digambarkan awal2 cerita sbg seorang yang 'pious' dan diberi didikan agama secukopnya oleh ibu dia yg ala2 ustazah tu... (yang slalu mengeja word 'keberkatan' dan dia juga digambarkan sbg sorang yg awkward dgn pompuan sbb dia kan alim... tp bila dah duduk kt universiti tu, tiba2 watak dia berubah... makin sosial dan makin intim dgn pompuan. Ak pon x sure apa yg nk disampaikan pengarah, adakah dia nk bgtau yg si Adif ni berpura-pura alim dengan ibunya saja walhal di luar dia sebenarnya 'normal' seperti remaja2 lain.. or dia nak tunjukkan orang alim pon sebenarnya boleh bercampur dengan budak2 pompuan dan enjoy sakan macam org lain... idk. Tp yang pasti, ini mengelirukan penonton dan apa mesej positif yg nk disampaikan?

Watak Anne sbgai Madihah yg bertudung dan seorang yang gila2 dan clumsy
Dalam drama tu dia ada join persatuan yang ala2 macam usrah dan dia cakap dia sangat berminat dengan agama.Tp dalam drama tu dia pakai tudung ikat dekat leher jer... dan ada satu part tu dia kuar rushing nk pergi mana ntah and terlupa pakai tudung..(pernahke anda terlupa pakai tudung bila nak kuar bandar?) pastu terserempak plak dengan sorang kawan lelaki dia... n budak tu cakap something like, "eh Madihah..wah, lainla muka kau kalau kau x pakai tudung..." Tp xsure gakla... maybe watak Madihah dalam cerita ni sorang yg baru2 nk pakai tudung? tp ntah nape ak terasa pengarah semacam mempersendakan tudung jer..idk??

Watak Opie lakonan Elyana... ada satu scene dimana budak2 universiti tu ramai2 pergi sembahyang kat masjid.. x igt la solat terawih ke or solat Isyak sbb time tu malam. Habis jer solat, si Opie ni dengan still bertelekung berlari2 jumpa Adif kat bahagian luar tempat sembahyang lelaki.. xtau la apa sbbnya tp mmg x appropriate langsung scene ni sbb org2 laki tgh kuar masjid and si Opie ni dengan selamber and excitednye melambai, memanggil, berlari dan berborak dengan Adif dekat pintu masuk tempat solat lelaki.. x tau la nk describe cmne tp agak x kena disitu dan kalau pengarah nk cakap yg wtk Opie ni kurang alert dengan hal2 agama, xla plak si Adif tu tegur; "emmm awk...pompuan xleh masuk sini... sini tempat org lelaki..." or something similar supaya penonton tau benda tu salah.

Maybe ada banyak lagi tp ini je lah yg ak ingat2.. lgpon drama ni dh lama.. time tgk kt TV tu mmg la ada rasa 'eeiii....this is not right' tp sbb xde dgr org lain kata, ak pon x pikir2kan sgt la. Maybe itu cuma perasaan ak jer ...and pengarah sebenarnya x berniat pon nak mempersendakan agama.. tp, cuba korang tgk video kat bawah ni:

Don't ya feel anything???? This is from Dunia Baru the Movie and ak teringat ada scene dalam drama Dunia Baru, diorang buat concert kat universiti dan si Adif pon menyanyikan lagu Sepohon Kayu dengan style rock yg sama dlm vid ni. What's the point?? Is this supposed to be funny??

Super old movies bring back memories ^__^

Have you ever try to search for old movies or TV shows that you used to watch when you're very little?
Omg, I loove doing that!

Last time, I tried to search for one old movie that I watched a long, long long long time ago.
It's hard to search when you only have some bits of images floating in your head, but that's what makes it fun!
p/s: This movie have been bugging me for ages!           

 (One of my 'secret super power' is I never forget any movies I watched. Ever.
I can remember super duper old movies that I watched when I'm 5 although I might just remember one scene from the movie. lol.)


 "Movie about a young boy who went into a haunted house and he saw a man in a bunny costume, he screamed and became bald, later his hair started to grow back, he's happy but the hair grow non stop, his friend helped cut his hair in class, he was walking in a storm and his long hair got stuck in the bushes, his hair grow so long it comes out of his pants and when he yells stop, the hair stopped growing, in another scene, one man was painting a picture of the haunted house with a brush and the picture become real and he walks into the picture into the house and saw the man dressed in a bunny costume"

Mr Google must think I'm on some kind of drug for typing this nonsense, but these are the only things I can remember about the movies and I really, really want to watch it again!

I can't believe Mr Google managed to find the movie for me, you are incredible, Google!

The movie is called;

The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

Like.. honestly? What a lame title for such a freaky movie. =_=

Watching the trailer.. it got every scene that I remember! Except the man dressed in a bunny costume.. I must got it mixed up with different movies,lol.

I remember when I watched this (idk how old I was at that time, the movie was released in 1985... so that makes me '-5 years old'?) this movie scared the hell out of me!
and it supposed to be a comedy??? No way!

Ahh.. I miss watching movies as a little kid.

I love you, I really do.

I'm sorry that I'm not a good friend.
I really love my friends. I really do.

I'm sorry that I am so wrapped up in my own world,
that I forgot to appreciate, those who have been so kind to me.
Looking back to the past, there are so many things that I regret doing.
things that might have hurt you, things that might have upset you.
But I can't turn back the time, no matter how much I want to.
I can only say how sorry I am.

Even then, I don't have the gut to face you and
say "I'm sorry, and I love you!"
I always have problems to express my emotions. This is just... me.

I won't call you often, and I won't hanging out with you much,
but you're always in my mind,
and I will always be here for you.
I just need you to know that.

I'm trying to change, to be a better person.

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃