Saturday, April 30, 2011

-iPhone x Android-

Am I a techno geek? Not really sure about that-
Technologies are sweet but I still believe one day they'll evolve into robots that will take over the world and destroy mankind. So, beware.
Lots of my friends, here or in Malaysia are using very 'sophisticated' phones.. I guess when we're above 20 years old, it's time to use that "over-sized jumbo touch screen phone" that can do almost anything.
Smart phones is cheaper and easier to buy in UK, and you can say that a phone with internet is a need here.

Ok, first. Why would I even need a phone?

I'm not the kind of person that like to stick much with my phone.
I don't really like to text and don't really like to talk over the phone.
My friends always get mad at me, cuz I'm soooo lazy to pick up calls and take hours (or even days!) to reply a text message.
I'm sorry guys,, can't help it. It's my avoidance personality.

To be honest, I use my phone mostly to 1. Look at the time, 2. to wake me up every morning. That's all.
errrr...Then, you should buy this phone la!

But, but, but... I do want to have a cool handphone for my own..=(
Now, the most popular handphone would be the iPhone;


Wow, iPhone is cool, nice, modern and great for entertainment .. but.. I don't know why I dislike this phone. Overrated, maybe? I think people buying this phone because all their friends are using iPhone. Yeah, iPhone wouldn't be so bad.. if it's cheaper. urghh,,Typical of Apple product, so expensive!
and iPhone is soo... a girl's phone. I don't like boys using iPhone..heheheeh. 


I don't really know what android is...but... the only android phones that I have my eyes on is HTC...

Cheaper but as good as the iPhone.(or maybe better!)

but, I will always want to own a...


I don't know why on earth would I want a phone that looks like a brick- I just, simply love this phone!
The square, nerdy phone with painful-looking buttons looks so damn attractive for unknown reasons.
for me, Blackberry is simply 'classy' compared to androids and iPhone.
I will own one, but maybe after I start working- this phone, after all, is for a career person.

The best phone i ever had. No kidding!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa would be the last...

Just as I thought. I can't wait to watch the epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. And I've just finish watching it! omg~!!


I'll be honest; the part that I don't like about this movie is:

The Chinese Princess, I'll bet she can act better. When she speak English, she sounds fake and stiff. But she can talk better in Malay language! Or is it a voice-over? Well, she's so pretty nevertheless.
Why were the Indian uncle at the early part of the story spoke in broken English? It kinda ruins the mood.
I noticed during the fighting scenes, each time Merong stabbed a person, the sword will go right through the body, but when the person fall down, there's no trace of blood or even the wound on his skin. It heals as soon as he touched the ground?
The CGI used at the end of the movie- to portray the look of Tanah Melayu under the rule of Sultan Mudzafar Shah, I don't know why but the CGI looks weird in this scene. 
Marcus's injury was quite serious when he was stabbed by Kemawas that it would be almost illogical that he can still survived.
 The fighting scenes sometimes too brutal that every sword will go right through the bodies-is human bodies too thin and soft? blood will spill out everywhere-though it's just a simple slash.

I'm trying to think on more things that I hate about this movie, but those are all that I can think of. =)

But I like this movie because;

  It was directed by the hottest brother, Yusry KRU. Ok, he will be forever my bias.=))
The movie was shot in Terengganu..hehehe
The movie score is super awesome!
  This movie shows how much ignorant (or is it ignorance?) we are towards our own heritage, myth and folk tales. To be honest, I knew nothing about Merong Mahawangsa before and I've forgot everything about history of Malacca and Tanah Melayu as soon as I left school. Ashamed of myself =(.
I believe the CGI effect is really outstanding in this movie.
The movie has everything; funny, sad, thrilling and exciting moments. It's really fast-paced. No dull scenes at all!
The actors are superb. Stephen Rahman really showed a great effort and other actors too. Umi Nazeera is gorgeous! 
Almost cried when the good characters started to die one by one.. T_T
I could go on forever but to conclude, this is definitely one of the best Malaysian movie that need to be appreciated and supported.

But.. typical Malaysian.... too hard to be pleased.........(and I don't simply create these statements.. they were all real statements made by real people all over the internet)

- Aiyohh.. there's so many inappropriate scene la.. 18sx.. not suitable to be watched with families la..
So many people are talking about 18sx scenes, But I couldn't see any? Or was I watching a 'clean' version? The only scenes that can be categorized as 'mature scenes' are when the Chinese Princess were bathing, and when Kemawas  tried to rape the princess, which only happened in less than a minute. It's nothing really...the scenes in 2 Alam is worse la....Or are they referring to the gory fighting scenes? well, the fighting scenes were so terrifying that I couldn't bear to watch sometimes.

-Stupid la... when Merong use the mirrors to burn the
I believe that really happened in the story, Merong did use the mirror technique to defeat the pirates. It may look ridiculous, but then again, this is 'Hikayat', KRU won't simply making things up. We should at least care to know and read the story first.

-KRU focus too much on CGI, the storyline is empty.
Without the use of CGI this film would not look as good as it is now. The CGI is crucial as it plays a big part to create the story. And the story isn't boring at all! I feel like reading a story book with moving pictures!

-Stephen Rahman's Malay sounds so funny! lol
Yah? really? I think his Malay is quite good. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

-This film is so boring.. I yawn and fell sleep a few times in cinema..what a waste!
O.. really? *give a good flying-kick on this person's face*

As simply a regular movie-lover who have no knowledge about movies at all.. I can say I enjoy watching Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa very, very much. Some people were disappointed cuz this film isn't as critical/serious as Puteri Gunung Ledang, but this is exactly what the director intended to do. The film is light, fun, funny and action-packed, great for entertainment but still full of values and important message.

Plus, this film is made with only RM8 million, and people even compare it with Hollywood movies like 300 (65 million US dollar) and Pirates of Caribbean (140 million US dollar). You know how hard is it to produce such great movie with limited budget?

Poor Abang Yusry la.. he went through a lot of troubles to make this movie. Sampai kurus keping, hitam kulit berjemur kat pantai Terengganu tu..hehehe..sorry bang, Terengganu's so hot! 2 years spent to complete this movie that he once said, he had enough and felt like vomiting every time he had to start working. He would expect to get 'kritikan membina' not 'kutukan menghina'.. so, please suppport this cutie...hehehehe (omg, I'm so gonna buy the DVD!). I thought he said he won't be making anymore epic movies but then KRU announce their second epic movie, Vikingdom, and most probably will be directed by Yusry again. mmm... as much as I want abang Yusry to keep on producing good movies, I'm so concern on his health. Please, take care!

Merong Mahawangsa would be the last movie for me. To watch in this holiday. malasnya!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber....*facepalm*

MANILA, Philippines – It looks like international teen pop star Justin Bieber may have gotten too excited to sing before the Filipino crowds.
Based on the latest buzz online, Bieber reportedly greeted his audience “Hello, Manila!” instead of “Hello, Malaysia!” in his concert staged recently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
“Justin Bieber staged a very successful jampacked concert in Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last night April 21… But one funny ‘boo-boo’ happened when he showed up on stage and greeted his Malaysian fans ‘Hello Manila!’” wrote a blogger, who claimed to have a friend who watched the concert.

Ummm..what? Too bad we can't 100%  confirm the news because there's no solid proof that Justin Bieber really did mistaken Malaysia as Manila. If this is true... how stupid can he be actually? Is this a joke? Obviously he has no respect towards his fans..epic fail. Has he been traveling a lot that he got messed up with the world map? Maybe he never heard of Malaysia- yeah, as if he got into the plane and just decided to jump out anywhere to do a concert.

The most annoying part is... the Filipinos reactions toward this stupid mistake... "Hahaha.. Justin Bieber is too excited to come to Manila...", "That shows, Justin Bieber can't wait to perform in bla bla bla.."
Somehow they feel honored by Justin Bieber's mistake. -can't-understand-these-people-????

I remember the first time I saw Justin Bieber on Youtube. At that time he wasn't really famous, and he was promoting his first song, 'One Time' in one local radio (US). I think he looks like Miley Cyrus for some reason. He was very humble, very sweet back then. But now.. urghh..
I guess overload popularity, fan girls and money can somehow changed people. I don't really like him after I saw Dani Shay. I know Justin Bieber before his fever even spread to Malaysia and worldwide. And Justin Bieber today is not the same Justin Bieber I used to like.

I just wish girls and women in Malaysia don't get that obsessed with him. He is not that cute anyway. If you come to Portsmouth, you can find thousand of kids that look just like Justin Bieber, or even better. So, his face is just typical looks la...Malaysian boys are much cuter..ehem!

Why people willing to spend hundreds to watch Justin Bieber's nothing special concert but too stingy to spend RM10 to watch great local film like Merong Mahawangsa in cinema?? (sempat promote plak..hee)

Support Malaysian product.
All we need is your support, then nothing would be impossible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cun! sweet!

Is it too obvious that I've been spending my free time watching movies instead of doing assignmentsss? ah, I hate myself.

Anyway, this initially to be included with Magika, but my post have become soo long that I decided to do a separate post for this film.

I thought I've to wait a few months to watch this movie in DVD version, but I was wrong! The DVD version is already available to be download bought.

I watched the trailer first, a must thing to do before watching a full movie- and the trailer isn't really good, imo~ it just look like another typical comedy love story. I'm sorry but the trailer looks really cheap, the story is actually much better than that.
But after I watched this music video- the theme song for the movie sang by Remy and Maya, I instantly fell in love and can't wait to watch the movie, they look really sweet!!

Watched the movie, it's really good.  Maya Karin is so pretty, love her hair!
Don't know why, but Maya seriously looks so beautiful in this-or I just didn't noticed that she's always beautiful,lol.

And the hero, Remy also looks gorgeous in this movie. He plays the 'kampung guy' character so well!

Other characters like Tom, Manis and Putat - they're loveable! The one that plays the 'mentally challenged' girl- she's really good.

Even Kembang the Kerbau did an impressive acting in this movie, wow!

To sum up, I like this movie because:
  • Maya (Luna) and Remy (Atan) looks so sweet and good together. 
  • I like how they portrayed the 'kampung' scene and 'orang kampung' characters. 'Orang kampung' can sometimes be so weird and so 'kecoh'- I know this cuz I'm also orang kampung..tehee
  • This movie is so funny and I laugh. Faiqah laugh?-omg, this must be very funny movie.
  • This movie has some sad moments and I cried, well, almost.-omg, Faiqah almost cried, there must be some really emotional scenes.
  • Evil Characters played by Ning and  Jehan are hillariously funny!
  • The movie is fun and there's no boring moment at all.

but, there's something that I don't really like about the movie:

  • Maya's acting is not as good as others. Sometimes it appears as if Tom is the main female character instead of Luna, only towards the ending of the story that Luna have more screentimes.
  • Tom is cute and all that, but, seriously, stop shouting and yelling. Omg, my ears! and I understand that she supposed to be a tomboy, but, the way she sit and talk- quite inappropriate sometime.
  • Tom secret love towards Atan. umm..What's the point?
  • I love how the characters are very natural in acting and laughing-no holding back-no control2.. but it gets so annoying after a while. Too much shouting, too much yelling, too much laughing 'hysterically' err.. well, I guess I'm just a bit sensitive with noises.
 But the movie is really good and must watch.

please..please... I'm too lazy to do my assignments,

Magika is a real magik!

I'm still in Malay movies mood-

Okay, okay.. this is soo last year movie, but I've only watched it this morning, so this is a new movie for me. I love how Youtube helps people like me- whose far away from Malaysia but really want to watch Malaysia's movies free of charge. If only I'm in Malaysia when this movie is released, I would definitely travel to cinema to watch it!
So, MAGIKA... is it any good?

Hell, yes!!

And I wasn't saying this because it's directed by Yusry's brother, Edry, (actually ..yeah.. pretty much..) but because it is truly a very good piece of work! What's not to like? 

 It's weird how people say; 

-I'm fooled by Magika!
-KRU movies are sooo overrated!
-Kejap2 nyanyi, kejap2 nyanyi.. naik menyampah aku!
-Geli la.. Malaysian can make a musical movie, tak jadi!

These people ah.. *sigh*.. can't really understand them.. how much they complain about movies from KRU.. but they say nothing about movies made by Professor A Whatever~  compared to those crappy movies about anak mami, hantu jembalang.. mat merempit.. I think Magika deserves better praise...

Actors can't act?

I don't really like Mawi or Diana Danielle..but surprisingly, I like them both in this movie. I think they're so sweet! Some say Mawi can't act for nothing but I think he did just fine in this one. He did a great job portraying a hot-tempered man that even I get scared of him. Funny how they say that his acting was really bad in this one, trust me, I've seen worse. And the hair. Nothing's wrong with the hair. If only it doesn't look so shiny like the one in Sunsilk ad.. it'll be better's just too.. err..perfect..for a kampung guy living in a jungle.

And that little boy, Malik, he's really cute! but..please.. stop screaming.. I know his voice is tiny and all that.. but why must he screaming and yelling everytime he talks?

It's really interesting to see that many famous actors were involved in this movie. Though, some of them appears for only a minute or two, and some don't even have a line. My fav would be... 

-Nabil, as orang minyak whose seling one
-M.Nasir as orang tua whose actually a dragon. His scene is so powerful and intense!
- Ziana Zain as Nenek Kebayan.. funny, but what's with the voice??
-Sabri Yunus as Puteri Gunung Ledang's guard.. I laugh so much during his scene!
-KRU as the talking trees..okay, they're trees..why would you dislike a tree?That would be so cruel okay...
-Zaibo and a boy as .. err.. I'm not sure what was their characters, but they're really funny!

Their clothes...they're!
I just wish that the extras- the village people, would not look so pretty, I mean their costumes. They're supposed to be wearing dirty, 'worn-out' clothes, not 'new', hari raya clothes..[they're poor village people!] it's really small matter, but trust me, it's really distracting cuz it makes the setting seems unreal.
And for those who don't like the actors singing every two minutes... well, duh, it's called 'musical' for a reason! Of course it would involve a lot of singing and dancing. And plus, the songs were all great and suited the scenes- I can't see anything wrong with that. 

Music helps to create the mood. I'm almost in tears at the last scene, where Ayu can feel that Bad is somewhere near her, but she couldn't see him. And the song, 'Penyembuh Rindu' appears in the background. The music is haunting, fuh~ really really good one. 

Malaysia can make a good musical movie. Magika proves it.Maybe it's just 'them' who can't accept Malay musical movie- cuz they're too used to watch hantu, mat rempit and anak mami in cinemas..oh, peh-lisss~ aren't you bored?

I know, people have very high expectation everytime KRU produces a movie- that's why they're very critical when mengutuk, er I mean, 'menganalisa' KRU's work. This is a good thing, right? Well, conclusion, Magika is really good and really worth watching-that's all ya need to know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post untuk Yusry.

After spending several days at my friend's house in Coventry, I started to become interested with things happening in Malaysia right now. Why? Because my friends in Coventry like to watch Malaysia shows like Raja Lawak, AF, Imam Muda, and talk about Malay dramas and movies.

Malaysian shows, are they any good?

I don't know, I haven't really watch TV that much after I stayed in hostel. But We watched Maharaja Lawak on Youtube and it's hilarious! My fav would be Zizan! No one could make such a joke like him! He's soo funny!

Zizan yang sempoi!
Malay Movies....

Thanks to internet, I just realized that there's a lot of movies produced in Malaysia and some of them got millions of profits like Ngangkung- RM8 millions. Wow, that's really a lot. I remember back then when one of Senario movie got 6 million box office, people were really much excited about it. I want to watch the movie! I'm curious to know if it's any good.

BTW, I just finished watching Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.

Kak Limah is so famous in UK! tehehe.. most of my friends already watch this movie -thank God someone helps to upload it on Youtube. I think the movie is so cute and funny, although some jokes were quite lame, but overall the story is cool! What I like the most is the 'kampung' setting and the loveable characters, they all make me miss my kampung so terribly.

RATU the movie?

Another new movie in Malaysia. I haven't watch it and I know I won't ever watch this. Watched the trailer on Youtube and it was soo crappy- I feel like stabbing the director to death. I can't believe how on earth this movie got to published in cinemas??
Who made this??! errr...Professor A. Razak Mohaideen.
Oh, no wonder.

and now, the most awaited film!

I haven't watch this movie yet, so I can't really tell how good or bad the movie is. I don't feel good to download this illegally~ or watch it illegally... I mean, after watching the trailer, I can't believe how awesome it is, and I know, this is the kind of Malay movies that I want to support. Too bad, I can't watch it on cinema, cuz I'm not in Malaysia and when it's showed in UK cinemas (in September!)  I've already went back to Malaysia. So, either ways, I can't watch it on cinemas! I am pretty mad cuz I can't contribute anything to support this movie. I think I'll asked a copy of this movie from my friend. Dying to watch this!

and ..... 


Has anyone noticed the title yet?  hehehe.. nothing much actually. I used to have a huge obsession with him years ago.. I even named my pen 'Yusry' stupid girl. You might find this a lil weird, but different people attracted to different things-and Yusry's the only person above 30 years old that I would want to marry! lol

I still think he is the most talented and the most attractive male singer in Malaysia. He got the most unique voice and he got the most unique look. I love all KRU songs specially when it comes to Yusry's part- he sings so good!
Now, he's successful as film director but still singing once in a while. And he got so many gossip too! The latest would be with Lisa Surihani. They would look so cute together but I think Lisa looks to childish next to Yusry... I think Maya Karin would looks so perfect with him, yep.
I hope he'll continue to make good movies like Merong Mahawangsa and Cicakman- although I think Yusry has been working so hard that he looks so thin and messy now- wow, that makes me even want to support the movie more!

I just hope, just hope, just just hope I can meet him, so that I can tell him, "Abang Yusry, get some rest!! You look so tired!!" hehehehe...


k, that's all~ daa

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃