Monday, October 31, 2011

Awesome Anime Con!

Place: London MCM Expo/London Comic Con, Excel, London
Date: 29th Oct 2011

 omg, cosplayers!!

Kakashi (Naruto)

3 words, hot hot hot.

Sebastian and Ciel (Black Butler)


Ciel so cute!

Hatsune Miku

 ^so adorable, this girl ^

Tim Drake @ Robin (Batman)


Grell (Black Butler)
haha, dont really like u Grell

Reno (Final Fantasy)


 Colonel Roy Mustang (FMA)

Roy Mustang

yes Hayat, he resembles Roy Mustang a lot!
 n thanks to Chin,, lari 100m pecut juz to take pic with this guy,lol

Luffy (One Piece)


i love this Luffy, so cute.
Ryuk (Death Note)

dis one is pretty obvious, lol
Anbu (Naruto)


Those are the characters that I love n cosplayers are awesome!
quite sad cuz I saw Rin (Ao no Exorcist), Near (Death Note) and Ed (FMA), Roxas (KH), Cloud Strify (FF) and so much more!
 wanna take pics with them, but cosplayers always moving around, if you dont move fast enough, they'll gone out of your sight~ waaa

yah, the best and the most embarrasing day ever in UK~!! enjoy it a lot,
thanks to my wonderful friends...<3

now... I think I have assignment to do..

L , L and L.

So,I went to London hoping I could meet L cuz I've been missing him soo much lately... and yeah, I really did find him! I meet a blonde L and chibi L and emo L, lol,, they're all so cute

blonde L! he's so much like L, barefoot, the mask and evrything~~  he's the sweetest, he even give us he's really a sweet guy~

 uwaaa~~!! lolly from L!! ahh I shall frame it and hang it on my wall
Emo L? he's so cute and saaaad ~awww <3  

 My fav chibi L!!

hes so cute! (well, hope its a 'he', i dont wanna be an accidental lesbian again T_T) n why on earth am I not smiling??? I was probably planning a "Guys, let's kidnap L" in my head.

sigh~  L !!!!!!!! you can so tell I'm obsessed with this freak...

haha.. but my L is still the cutest, I gave his 'brother's' lolly to him

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Faiqah did it again...ಥ_ಥ

AAaaaaAAAaaaaaahhhhhHHHHHhhh!!!!!!!!!! No matter how hard I try to forget I just can't do it!!
Why does it has to happen on my special day?? why why why  (╥﹏╥)

You know, I always believe that...
We girls must never ever tell a boy how good looking he is, or else he'll turn into an annoying monkey.
And yesterday I broke my own rule and the curse fall upon me...

It all happened yesterday in London, me and Wani went to a booth selling J-pop n Anime goodies (mmm love their stuffs, btw) and there's two seller at that booth; an English boy and another one is an Asian boy.

At first only the English boy talked to us and then, the Asian boy came and stood in front of us and he's so mad CUTE! lol, and he got that Japanese@Chinese@Vietnamese looks, 
idk which one he is, but you know that kind of looks...with smiling eyes, stylish black side-swept hair and everything...gosh, he's so cute..sigh~

And he just stood there and smiled at us...... awww... and I said to Wani; "Comelnyeeee orang depan kita ni...^^" and Wani replied something like "a'ah.. tu la pasal.." we said it loudly, right in front of him but both didn't look at him , cuz we didnt want to 'look' like we're talking about him...get it?
well... you know the trick in UK-- talk in Malay, nobody will know what you just said..hehehe. (yeah, right)

but While we're picking up the stuff, I noticed that he smiled even wider and biggerrr and flirtatious and evil~ like a "kikikiki" smile.......and I was like, oh, lol, cute creepy. and juz ignored him, but then I can sense something reaally bad was about to happen... erm..could it be..?

(oh God, NOOOO....!)

then I just heard he said,"Nak bayar skali ke?" 

and I think I just explode.

oh my PRIDE!... my DIGNITY!...T_T..
....I send an SOS signal to Wani to 'keep it cool', 'act like nothing's happen'
and we paid and we walk away quietly to a corner and...
just explode together.

God knows how embarrassed I was at that time.

I could have figure it out from the way he looked and smiled at us,urghh! that evil, cunning (but cute), sly smile!
I must have look like a total idiot....
ok u win, i lose, you're cool, i'm lame.

Yeah, I know I might be overacting but tsk tsk.. you'll know when it happens to you.huwaaaaa....omma!! I'm sooo embarrassed!!

P/S: last night I had a nightmare, I dreamed tht he studies in Portsmouth Uni and he saw me and gave me that smile again.... NOOOOOO~

btw, I bought this! a pillow of NEWS with Kusano =))

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Its 9.30 am and im in a bus to london. For a special reason. I think.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

L, I want to Live.

my L
The story of L has long ended but I still think about him in my quiet thoughts.

After watching the last Death Note movie, I questioned his decision of writing his own name in Death Note. Why he did that?? Then I began to understand, it's to make sure that Kira won't be able to kill him- at least in one month time- so he will have that time to reveal Kira's true identity.

Then, I began wondering... how it feels like to choose your own time of death?

You know you're going to die in one month and you accept it and wait for it patiently.
and when the time almost come, suddenly you feels like... there are still lots of thing you want to do
and you're just not ready.

I remember this scene in the last movie, where L walks away alone,,

and he says; "God, I want to live... a little bit longer." and smiles..

and my heart just breaks. :,(

can we ever be ready... to die?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

...Nao x Akiyama...

I miss watching something as good and brilliant and amazing and ... (insert more praise words here) as Liar Game ....aaaAAAAaaaaa I love that drama so much~

-the only drama that got me hooked on- I seriously cant stop watching
- and finished the first season in one day-
and never do that to other dramas before--

 ...mybe because I like Nao and Akiyama pairing so much,,

I like the hero whose quiet and cool and clever and strong (but not stupid)
and I like the heroin whose kind, pretty, and innocence (but not stupid)

too bad there arent so many that type of couple out there in dramas,
only stupid boy, stupid girl and what they did is fight fight n fall in love, bleh~

omg, i loooooovee them!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Better Life.

Since theres no internet in my house for almost half a day, I decided to watch this movie;

and kinda regret my choice.... very good but very sad movie.=(

I think I know how it feels like- being an 'immigrant' in other country. 

Life seems so unfair for some people....hmm

Monday, October 24, 2011


Trying to watch Jumunjin because I miss Kibum and he looks kinda cute with long hair

but too bad, I cant stand the stupid, annoying lead female character (with obvious plactic-surgery eyes) acting like a 5-year old throughout the movie...ewwww!!

how can they put stupid girl character on screen and expect people to think that's cute????


☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃