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About the writer~ (generally)

 My name is Faiqah,
I was born in Besut, Terengganu on 11th October 1990
so by the time I'm writing this,  I'm counting the days to be 20 years old. (!!!) 
I can never, ever believe that I'm an adult now. Most of the time, I don't remember my real age, and I keep feeling like a 17 year old child.hahaha

All my life, I've only been to; one kindergardenTadika Kemas Kg. Raja
one primary school  Sek Ren Kg. Raja
one secondary school Sek Men Tg Mahmud
one IPG IPG Kampus Darul Aman 

 and I've been living in the same house eversince I was born.

Currently, I'm studying in University of Portsmouth, England,UK. I'm taking B.ed TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) and I've done my 2 years foundation in IPG Kampus Darul Aman (IPDA) and will have to spend another 3 years in Portsmouth to get my degree. After that, I'll be spending a year back in IPDA and then, I will become an English teacher! yay, for me!

I'm the eldest child in my family and I have two younger sisters. The best thing is we are only 2 years apart from each other, me, 20, my second sis, 18, my youngest sis, 16.
I don't have brothers and it's a good thing because I don't know how to communicate with boys anyway and brothers are not as fun as having sisters! Girls Rule!

~Some Random things about me~ 
I love reading but I rarely buy books. And I only like reading English novels- Idk, I hate cheesy Malay novels~ lol and I love comics and manga too!

I love music and movies!! but mostly movies cause there's so much things we could learn from. I can watch all kind of movies, all genres, all languages, all decades! 

My fav Korean boy band is Big Bang and my fav Japanese boy band is NEWS and I've watched tons of J drama!

  I think the sky is the most beautiful thing. Nature is the God precious gift to human and animals are life that we should protect. I love beaches, I love the sound of waves, I love the feeling of wind on your skin and I believe nothing is more fun than dancing in the rain!

 About the blog~

So, I just started blogging this year. It all started when I saw my sister's blog and I think it's cool to have a place where you could write anything. well, almost anything. So, I asked for her help to get me started.

The main point of having this blog is so that I could record all my personal experience of being away from home. I really want my family to know what I'm doing, and things that I've been through without having  them by my side.

Sometimes I will also post non-personal things like a movie reviews, celebrities or other random stuff, whatever I feel like writing.

Everything that i posted here is purely my own opinion and should not be taken seriously.^^

My blog is mainly a place for me to write about non serious things about myself and my surroundings, so don't expect to find academic craps like a physic formula or science theories here, though I might post something useful for everyone to read in the future,lol

I'll try as much to write in English because it's like a writing practice for me, lol. I'm still learning and my English is not very good though I've been learning it since kindergarden, *sigh~. But sometime I will write in Malay, whatever I feel comfortable at that time.

lastly, thanks again for reading this page. 



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