Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday Firework.

Friday Firework night (well it may look like night here but it's only 6 pm)

Just happened to walk down Commercial Road, heading home after Gil's class and there's event going on.
Christmas is coming, i guess.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

To Kill or Not to Kill

Last Friday, (as I'm writing this, it would just be yesterday.) in my Understanding Britain Today class, we discussed on some of the UK laws. One of them is; "Death penalty is prohibited in UK.".

Denise; my lecturer, asked me if we have death penalty in Malaysia, and I said, yes, we do have. She asked again; do you agree with death penalty? and I said, Of course, why not? If we didn't do anything wrong, why should we be scared? She sort of surprised hearing me saying that. Denise is such a lovely lady, I feel bad for sounding a bit.. harsh, I guess? but that day I was too tired to explain further. I was about to add my answer, "Well, I don't think it's wrong, people who kill other people should get a death penalty,, I mean, if the person is proven guilty, and killing with intention, and she/he in a best mental state, not crazy or mentally ill, or anything.. why not?" I guess if I've given this sort of answer, I would sound more compassionate, lol.

But I didn't tell her that. Denise shared her thoughts;
"I think we shouldn't do the death penalty. It's just wrong to take someone's life. I know, everytime there's a murder in UK, especially the ones involving small children, people would have a demonstration; pleading the gov to bring back the death penalty. But as far as I know, it doesn't even come close to that. UK is not going to have a death penalty anymore. I know in some prisons in America, some people waited for 50 years in the death row, just to have their death sentence,, you know, because of certain procedures and all that. Imagine if that person committed the crime in their early teens and spent their whole life in prison just waiting to be hanged. You know, people could change, they would do something awful when their young but they can changed as they get older. I don't believe anyone has the right to take someone's life. I mean, who has the permission to do that?"

Yes, Denise, I understand what you're saying. I like to think for everyone too. Every possible one. I agree that people make mistakes, maybe they don't mean to kill someone, maybe it's not intentionally. Maybe they were wrongly accused, maybe they're mentally sick, maybe they're desperate, maybe it's an act of escaping, saving their life ect, ect. It's not fair to give them a death sentence.
But how about those who kills for pleasure? like serial killer, or youngsters who are bored? torturing other kids although they know it is WRONG? That is so selfish. I think for serious crime, they ought to consider a death penalty, idk.

Imagine if you're in the victim situation. Imagine the person you love the most. Could be your little sister, your little daughter,any innocent child in your family, got murdered by a selfish person, the one who murder someone because s/he feels like to. Imagine the pain. I know it must be awfully awfully hard for anyone who has their close one taken from them in a cruel way. Even if there's someone in your family just died from sickness,cancer or accident ect, you could suffered for years and years in agony, imagine if their life was taken by someone, in a cruel, inhumane way; murder, rape, tortured, ect. It would be a lot worse. And the person whose responsible is just there, sitting in a prison for a certain years. It would not be fair. The family would not think it's fair. Life is just too precious. Lives of our innocent ones are.

I remember Ustaz Z told us about 'hukum hudud' in Islam. In Islam, someone who is proven guilty to have commit a murder, for example killing a child, will be given 3 different sentences, (of course, under given circumstances) and it's up to the family of the victim to choose: 1) the murderer is to be given a death penalty. 2) the murderer is to pay money to the family and the price is really, really high. 3) the family can choose to forgive the murderer if they don't have the heart to kill him or to make him pay. Ustaz said if it's him to choose,  he would pick the second option, >_<

For some people it could have sound cruel to kill someone for killing someone. When would it ends?
But us the Muslim; believe in the life after death, the real, internal life. Punishment in this world is absolutely NOTHING compared to the punishment in that 'another' world. Lebih baik dihukum di dunia daripada di akhirat.

Well, I really don't know how to explain further, I guess this is it. :)

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