Friday, March 23, 2012

^Balik Kampong 2012^

The first ever Malaysian Night in Portsmouth!

This is something we (all the Malaysian students in Portsmouth uni) have been working on on the past two weeks, yeah, it's almost two weeks now, I can only talk about this now since I'm busy with assignments ever since. haish~

we have a short play, we have traditional dances, we have singing performance, traditional food.. it was fun, real fun!

Place: New Theater Royal

personalized tickets... lawa sgt!
inside Theater Royal.. mmg mewah ..
bfore the show
kurik kundi dance
Chinese dance
Indian dance
singing performance


 The music and technician teams I've been working with.. :)
(btw, tu bkn Tok Imam masjid Portsmouth or anything, mekap jer tu..)

we worked on the top of the theater.. serious gayat!
sapa yg buat kuih2 ni.. sedap gila!

our lecturers eating Nasi Lemak

kredit pics:Facebook
 yay, success! ^^

It was really fun, really memorable experience.. having to spend some time doing things out of our everyday tasks.. meet new people, meet the juniors, learn new things, introduce our cultures to people of Portsmouth...
a medicine to our home-sickness...
oh God... I won't forget this moment =))

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sy agak bengang apabila time saya semangat nak bagi present kt someone, and orang itu pun menolak dengan alasan "Eh, xyah la susah2.." "Xpelah, nanti susahkan awk plak", "Sy x mahu la, xpe.."

omg, kalau Faiqah nak bagi awak hadiah, accept it! >_<

I don't usually gave present to someone (especially for no particular reasons), but when I do, you know you're special. And when I'm willing to sacrifice my time/money/energy to get the present for you, then you know you're even more special =)

Dan satu lagi yang buat saya bengang, bila saya nak call someone, dan orang itu menolak dengan alasan
" xyah la call, msg jer.. mahal kot call dari UK.." "eh, awk ni call dari UK x mahal ke bil telefon nnti? " bla bla bla.. omg, annoying-nya!

hey, idiot!

...I rarely call anybody just to chat, when I do call you, you know you're special. =)
And if I'm willing to sacrifice my pounds and penny, my study time, and my energy ....just to listen to you nagging... you should know you're even moreeee special to me.

It's okay if I look stupid,who cares? i don't mind.

I always believe everything comes with a price.
if you wanna something, you have to pay for it,

either with money, time, effort, love, attention.. etc etc

I love to make every important person in my life , feels happy.
i love to make them smile, i really do,
that's why you should never ever question me or decline me.

just some silly insignificant post..
I'm just waiting to go out to theater practice,
if i don't write, i'm gonna collapse on my bed sleeping...zzzz so tired!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a proposal.

I'm 5 days late, wuuu..

"There is a popular tradition in UK that a woman may propose marriage to a man on February 29. If the man refuses, he then is obligated to give the woman money or buy her a dress. In upper-class societies in Europe, if the man refuses marriage, he then must purchase 12 pairs of gloves for the woman, suggesting that the gloves are to hide the woman's embarrassment of not having an engagement ring. (lol)"
(sourse: wiki)

As soon as we found out about this tradition- woman can propose to a man on a leap day and more likely won't be rejected- my friends and I started to aim on any cute boys on the street to propose....not! =P


Okay, so we were just being girls and were fascinated by the idea and my friend keep asking me,"Faiqah, who are you going to propose?" and I said,"What? me propose? heck no!"

........but I ran home as fast as I could after class to propose to somebody, hehehehe

But then as soon as I reached my room, my sister send me a message saying that she wants to Skype with me, alright.. so I opened Skype and told her that I wanna call somebody.

 Tau x hari ni hari apa?
Hari ni 29 Februari 2012...
 Tau x hari ni, kalau ikut tradisi kat UK, pompuan boleh propose lelaki..
  hmm.. ok, tu jer nak cakap.
( my sister who's watching through Skype dah gelak2)
Jadi ni nak propose saya la ni? Terharunya saya..
X ah, awak tu bukan org UK, ni utk org UK jer.. :P ...ok, bye!

  so I did - did something memorable last 29th February, I try to propose a guy, well, kinda.
people say you should do something extraordinary that day, something that you won't do everyday, so I guess that would do, hihi.

29th Feb 2012. I'm 22, teasing a guy to marry me.
29th Feb 2016. I'm 26, hoping to be somebody's wife.
(kikiki,, kalau dunia masih ada n nyawa masih ada dan jodoh ada, insya-Allah)

I just don't really care anymore,
juzz go with the flow,
kalau ada, adalah, kalau xde, xpe.. hehehe

Menyerahkan urusan hidup kepada Sang Pencipta
Kerana Dia yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diri ini ^__^

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃