Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good-bye May Seem Forever.

I think I've already write enough stories about my bunny. I've already told the whole world  how much I love her, but I never get the chance to tell that to herself. I'm happy that you still live well and healthy in your new home. My mom told me that Poppy now has a partner and she recently gave birth but her babies died. I couldn't remember for what reason but I know she'll have a baby again someday. I can't tell how happy I am for her. Although I feel very sad for giving her away but I know she can live better at that place.

Poppy, I saw this video just now and it reminds me of you, it makes me really sad.

I love what Widdow Tweed said,
We met it seems, such a short time ago. You looked at me, needing me so. Yet from your sadness, our happiness grew. Then I found out, I need you, too. I remember how we used to play. I recall those rainy days, the fires glowed, that kept us warm. And now I find, we're both alone. Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. But in my heart's a memory, and there you'll always be.

You're always in my heart. You're my friend. Though we never speak to each other but you give me the happiest memory that none of other human ever give me. I feel so happy each time I hugged you. I hope when I visit you someday, you can still remember me. Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. But in my heart is a memory, and there you will always be.

My heart-breaking movies

I never cry when watching movies. I really, really want to watch a sad movie that can make me cry like a sucker, but I never find one. When the characters died, I supposed to be all sad but then I realized it's just an acting, and they aren't dead for real- so I feel happy instead. These are some of the movies that nearly make me cry, well I don't really cry, but I did get a pain in my heart after watching them~

10. Windstruck (2004)

The saddest part: When the heroin tells a story about a princess waiting for a her prince, to the hero. The sad background music is very saad! Nazihah cried a bucket watching this, but I didn't shed a single tear, lol!

8. Fiza (2000) & Devdas (2002)

Bollywood movies! The saddest part: Both heroes died at the end =(

9. Titanic (1997)

The saddest part: is the last part when grandma Rose went to sleep and she dreamed she went back to her younger days and reunite with Jack and everyone in the ship cheered for them.

7. Shrek the Movie (2001) & Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Shrek is the only animation movie that I love! The saddest part: When Dragon cried by the river because she miss Donkey, lol. But it's really sad, maybe because the background song played for that scene is really sad. Lilo and Stitch is sad too. The saddest part: when Stitch want to leave the house and Lilo didn't stop him like she didn't really care for him anymore.

5. Peter Pan (2003)

The saddest part: When Wendy decided to go home instead of living in Neverland with Peter and she let him off although she knows that she will never saw him again after that. Just sad.

6. Stand by Me (1986)

This is a really great movie, it's heart warming but heart breaking as well. The saddest part: At the end of the story when the narrator tells us what happened to his friends after they all grew up. One of them are married with four kids, one tried to be soldier but failed and went to jail for several years before ended up working in the town, and his best friend did managed to get out of the small town, went to college, became a lawyer but ended up dead after he was stabbed on his throat for trying to break up a fight. Oh wow.. what a life.

4. The Road (2009)/The Mist (2007)

The endings for these movies are just too cruel. Both are about a father trying to protect his son but ended up with one of them died at the end. The saddest part: Just when you think everything's gonna be alright at the end, suddenly one of them died and you just went nuts! Why? Why?

3. TaeGukGi (2004)

The best war movies, not even Saving Private Ryan can beat this! The saddest part: When they have to left their home and their dog behind because of the war, and when the brother died at the end.

2. Paulie (1998)

This is really sad movie. I remembered watching it when I was a kid. The saddest part: when Paulie finally meet his owner again after trying so hard for years to find his way home. But when they met, Paulie didn't recognized her anymore because she's a grown women now and he's heart-broken because he thought she was someone else. I just wanna scream, No Paulie, it's her! She just all grown up now!

1. I have no idea.

The saddest part: I don't know which movies that are sad enough to be put as number one. I've watch load of movies- well, not really that much- but never find a good one that really makes me cry. Well, I guess I'll continue to search~

p/s: I love watching movies too damn much!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please, please, please.

I've been crying really hard tonight, I've been crying so much that my eyes sore, my head hurts and my heart is in so much pain. I'm crying because I can't believe how cruel,-us human can be.

It makes me sick watching the vid posted on Facebook just now, the one showing how they skinned animals for fur. Slapping their little head against the ground, stamping on them, ripped the skin of them while they're still alive. Omg, seriously?? How can you-so-called human do such thing?? How can people proudly wear fur on their bodies? To show how rich and cruel you are?


Why are there so many vids showing cruelty to animals on Youtube and FB lately? I remember seeing the one; cat being burned alive and there's also this , Chinese girl killing rabbit and kitten videos, I don't know why these fagots dare to record them and showed it to the whole world; I supposed they get money out of it-

Have you seen the video where this girl killed a kitten by stepping on it with high-heeled shoes? -If only I can get my hands on that girl, I swear I'm gonna bloody kill her with my bare hands, how could you ever do that to poor animals, you skanky b*tch!!

And I also found this vid on Youtube, showing a bear dressed in a stupid clothes and forced to do tricks in a zoo.

We can see how hard it is for the bear to do the trick, and he got yelled by the trainer when he fell down. It broke my heart watching him picking up the wood after he fell and followed his trainer like scared little child. I cried everytime I watched this. And this is a ZOO for freaking sake! I can't imagine how animals living in circus are trained like. They are supposed to be running wild and free in the jungle, not locked in a cage, doing stupid shows,, so that us, human can watch and laugh and clap our hands like an idiot bastard.

There are hundreds of vid out there showing cruelty to animals and only a little are being exposed to us and there are sure to be a lot more animals suffering at the moments.

Maybe I look like I'm over reacted, but I can't stand animals being bullied and tortured. I can still bear with human being killed but not when animals are being killed. They have no voice, no power, nothing to protect them. They can't cried, but you can see how sad they are. It breaks my heart when I can't do anything to save not even one of them, I'm sorry that all I can say is, I'M SORRY.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry T_T

May all the animals that suffered and died rest in God's heaven
I'm sorry that this world is too cruel to you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fooled again.

One day, I was in my house, just walking casually from my bedroom to the kitchen, to have a glass of water. Everything seems so normal, the TV is not opened because no one watch TV anymore, the house is in mess like always, my sisters were doing their own thing~ the sun was shining, everything was so bright and normal.

While drinking the water, I was thinking to myself;  how nice it is to be home again. At that moment, it seems like the life in UK was never happen. or it has been over long time ago. But then, I realized something wasn't right. I don't have any memories of the journey at all. I can't remember how I went to London airport, I can't remember being in the airplane for hours, I can't remember how I went back from KL to Besut, I can't remember if I took the bus, I can't remember dragging the heavy luggage bag around with me. I can't remember anything.

At that point, I realized that everything I'm seeing now is nothing more than just, a dream. I was shocked, couldn't believe my own eyes and my own mind. I stared blankly at everything around me. How could all this be... just a dream? Just a trick my mind is playing on me. I could feel the hard floor on my feet, I could feel everything I touched.

-The rule of dreaming; in the midst of a dream, if you're realized that you're dreaming, you'll wake up- -instantly.-

I knew I was going to wake up anytime at the moment. There's something I want to do before I wake up, I want to meet my mom. So, I ran looking for her. She was outside, getting ready to go somewhere. My mom never stays at home, she always have something to do.

I ran to her and screamed, wait!, I managed to get there on time. I was standing in front of her and hugged her, really tight. I cried real hard and said how much I miss her. I can feel the warm tears on my cheeks and my sadness even though it's a dream. I told her, this is just my dream and I'm gonna wake up anytime soon; and I can feel everything around me is starting to fade away. I didn't remember her saying anything, I just saw her smiling. Then, as I've thought, I opened my eyes and find myself on bed. And everything prove to be just a dream. For a minute, the  room that I've been spending so much time in, feels so unfamiliar, it took me a while to gain my memory back and to believe that I'm now in UK and I still got a long way to go before I can go home.

I hate it when dreams seems so real it fooled me and left me disappointed as soon as I open my eyes. And the rest of the day seems so hard to go through alone.


Monday, January 24, 2011


We just went back from visiting our future house. I guess the house is okay. At first, I expected it to be veryy large, very beautiful, made of  brown bricks, with balcony to look at stars at night, and large yard at the back, large enough to plant flowers ( ) and breed chickens ()...
MyEm0.Com ----dreaming~
Turn out, it wasn't as 'grand' as I hoped. Oh my God, Faiqah, you're just a student! why do you want to live like a princess? lolMyEm0.Com

We should be thankful we got the house, it's close enough to our university. We just have to walk a little bit to go to classes. Although it's not big, it's not made of brown brick, it doesn't have balcony for us to look at the stars at night, it doesn't have large yard, not large enough to plant flowers nor breed chickens; I think it's lovely ^^ enough for us.MyEm0.Com

What really matters is to make the house, 'our' house. I can't wait to live there with my friends! You have no idea how it's feel to live alone in a building, filled with strangers and scary people. I have enough of all that! I just wanna live in peace, after this. mmm.. hope so!

when I'm old enough to live on my own house
I wanna have a house, in a countryside,
like somewhere in Texas, or Tennessee 
or English countryside like Salisbury?
or maybe somewhere in Malaysia,
that  looks like Texas, Tennessee or Salisbury, lol
complete with horses, gardens and chickens!

rindunya lepak2 atas rumput~ T_T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So tired!


Omg, look at those poor boys (!)
They look like they're half sleeping or something~
been pushed too hard to work...
and now they're like singing zombies!
I bet SM entertainment must get loads of money from these kids, sheesh~

Arghhh! because I don't get enough nutritious food as well,
I got too tired to do things..
studying for freaking exam, especially..
I need energy!!!!
 looks like have to go buy KFC tomorrow..^^

I'm hungry! ❤

Saya sangat lapar sekarang ni.. saya x tau apa lagi yang tinggal untuk dimakan. Tiba-tiba je terasa macam ada nasi minyak dengan gulai ayam dalam mulut ni.. saya x pernah mengidam seteruk ni sampai berhalusinasi seorang diri. Arghh... parah sudah kondisi Faiqah ni...

Sekarang Faiqah boleh dikatakan vegetarian sejati, x ingat dah kali terakhir makan daging or ayam. Hari-hari cuma makan Maggi, roti dan biskut. Tadi ingat nak keluar beli KFC, tiba-tiba baca kat FB elaun maybe masuk akhir bulan 2, oh terus cancel plan nak beli KFC. Oh tidak!! takut nak spend walaupon 1 pound tengah2 ctitical stage ni~

Bukan kami saja, senior2 pon nampaknya tengah menderita sekarang ni. Saya bersimpati kat senior, tapi saya x boleh nak menolong jugak..saya pun sebenarnya baru ingat nak mintak tolong senior, tapi baca kat FB tadi sume pakat dok korek tabung, 0_o.. hehehe... x apalah. 

BUT hey, at least sekarang kita boleh kurus cam Korea!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to make delicious Ramyun ❣

How to cook a delicious Ramyun (Korean ramen)!

First, we need to have all these things:

1. Shin Ramyun ♥ ♥

( My last Ramyun! T_T )
Make sure it's written 'Made in Korea' on the packet, or else it's fake
you can get this at Panda shop, 72 pence.

2. A magic spoon

make sure it's 'shinee'...

3. A powerful water kettle

4. A cute pink scissors

5. 'A Korean' plate

(ahahaha~ konon2nya...)

and lastly,
6. A hungry, empty stomach! 
The steps!

1. First, boil the water...
2. While waiting for the water to boil, cut open the ramyun's packet.

3.  Put the ramyun carefully on the plate.

4. Cut and pour the dried veggies and the seasoning.

careful not to spill the precious seasoning!

5. The most important step! Pour the hot water into the plate. The amount of water you put will decide how your ramyun will taste like. Too much water will make it taste less good and too little water will make the noodles half-cooked. So, please be careful!

6.Cover the plate with something pretty to make sure the noodles are cooked properly^^

7. Wait.. 1 minute..and wait 2 minutes... and wait 3 minutes.. until you can't wait anymore and serve!


Make sure you have at least one bottle of cool water. You will need it after you finish eating. Eating this ramyun without cool drinks is dangerous for your tongue!

~why am i doing this i am so phathetic lolz~


I was dead worried (!!) when I heard the news that the timetable for this sem is finally out. What??!
meaning that I have to go to class tomorrow?? wuuu...MyEm0.Com.. but the truth is the classes started on 31st January! omona,, so happy!!

I can't say my new timetable sucks, but it's definitely not that 'great' either..

First class starts at 11 am to 1 pm. yess! boleh bangun lewat...ha3MyEm0.Com
second starts at 2 to 3 pm, and then third class, 5 to 6 pm. 3 classes in 3 different building, -St Michael, St George, Park Building- aiyaa... I'm gonna crawling as soon as I went back to my room~  Like last year, Monday is so packed!


Oooo I don't like this year's Tuesday!! Last year, my first class started at 1 pm! plenty of time to sleep, but this year, the 1st class is at 9 am! and also 3 classes in Tuesday??? plus they're all direct classes!
1st class~ 9-10 am
2nd class~ 10-11 am
3rd class~ 11-1 pm
4 straight hours in Park Building, I'm gonna die , lolMyEm0.Com

no class! thank you GOD!MyEm0.Com


 one class only, 5 to 6 pm... oh, I like this very much!


first~10 to 12 pm
second~4 to 5 pm    ,,,okay la..not that bad..

Good things are, (1) my classes all started quite late except on Tuesday,, (2) most of my classes are at Park Building, very very near to Harry Law,, except on Monday~ and (3)  I  finally had one whole day free on Wed!
Not so good things- new lecturers, new subjects, probably new classmates too (?).. oh well, gonna rock this year too!

MyEm0.Com  erkkk... konon2nya~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

❖ Liar Game ❖

This is not the lame, cheesy love drama, this is not stupid at all. In fact, I think I've become a genius just by watching this ~lol, just kidding... behold yourself..I present to you....


Just finished watching them. One word. AWESOME!

The girl is foolishly naive and innocent, the boy is incredibly genius and has no emotions at all (so lame). But the story is pure genius! I enjoyed watching it soo much! I finished watching the whole Season 1 in one day, Season 2 in one and a half day and Liar Game the Movie in 2 hours. Pheww~ so much for a drama marathon.. but this drama is sooo addictive!

The story:
LIAR Game drama started with Nao, -she's too naive that everyone calls her stupid- got involved in a game that put her in risk of paying a 100 million yen debt if she lost. In desperation, she seek help from Akiyama, a famous swindler who has just been released from prison. He agrees to help her, and they fight together until the final Liar Game Tournament.

I usually hate dumb-weak-silly heroin, but this time it's different. Watching the innocent Nao, I feel like the need to protect her and slap the hell out of those people who constantly cheated on her and make her cry. Luckily, there's Akiyama-kun (MyEm0.Com!!) always by her side to give her advice on how to win the games.

 The strategies and answers to each game is displayed and explained to the viewers, like this:

 ahhh~ but with a brain like mine.. I still can't understand it..T_T

LIAR Game is filled with suspense, mysteries, puzzles, betrayal, faith, greed, math problems.. everything but LOVE. Yep, hardly any LOVE at all. Akiyama-kun barely hold Nao's hand, not even a hug, not even a kiss. Nothing.MyEm0.Com --- frustrated fangirl.

I really, really want Akiyama and Nao to end up together. Akiyama is a man that you would surely want as husband. Smart and good looking ( despite the lame hairstyle), he's so cool he can make all the girls go kyaaaaa~!!! including me each time he comes out with the plan and help save the day.

My fav moments:

1.When Akiyama was angry with Nao because she doesn't ask for his advice and team up secretly with Fukunaga the Mushroom head.
2. When Akiyama rushed to save Nao when he heard that she's playing the second round of LIAR game alone.
3. When Akiyama pretends like he's gonna kiss Nao but actually wanted to ask for her lipgloss, Nao punches him angrily but secretly smiling after that. (so cute!!)

It's hard to tell if they even had a feeling to each other, as the whole focus of the story goes to the game.

But luckily!! at the last scene of the movie; (these are not the actual dialogues.. just some lines that I can remember)

Akiyama: It's over, but why aren't you look happy?
Nao: I have a feeling that you might disappear again.. (I don't want to loose you, you idiot!)
Akiyama: You're too naive, you can never change.
Nao: and you're a hopeless liar =).
Akiyama: Can you live with that? My lies? (or in other words, will you marry me?)
Nao: I guess so.. (OMG, yes, yes!!)


* in joyful tears *
I like it, I like it! LIAR game is soooo cool!!

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃