Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday was both crazzeey and sweet... ahhh.. where do I even begin?? Okay, First, I met Takeshi Oya again! In Park Building again! in the printing room, err.. again. Haha, now I know where to look for this guy,,,  he must like printing out papers so much--I don't, I'll only print out papers in really really desperate situation..hehe. WOW, it's really rare to stumbled on someone --who isn't in any of your classes--, like 3 times! Park Building is so large and busy, btw. This is not a coincidence, we. are. sooo. meant. for. each. other, lol, jk.

And he was walking and I was walking, and he was mad tall and I was painfully short and you know that thing when two people wanna walk pass by each other and you got almost collide with one another cuz you go left and he goes left, and you go right and he goes right... ok, embarrassing, I know... but this ALWAYS happen to me!. I guess when you're so short you can't really tell which direction the other person wants to walk. Luckily, this only last for 3 seconds and at the end, I go left and he goes right but he said "Sorry" as he passed me by... omg!!!! He spoke to me (again)!ahhh... I shall remember this date forever, lol.

But I think he's not really in a good shape.. looks so messy yesterday, unshaven and messy hair... wait, was that really him or was it a totally diffrent person...? But same height and same Superdry clothes... that boy MUST be Takeshi Oya, cuz my heart says so...hahaha. Okay end of part ONE.


I have a crazy dream last night. I dreamed I went to some place with my friends. It looks like a school for some reason, and I went and I saw Yusop, yeah Yusop from Beast. haha, I don't even know why I dreamed about him, like seriously, I barely know him. It's not like I'm a fan or anything,,, pfftttt... but I might be after this cuz he's so nice and cute in real-life, I mean in my dream-life. And in my dream I wanna play guitar and ask him to sing a song for me, and he was like, "okay, alright, let's jam together! =D" and suddenly he said, "Omo, omo,  I'm late! I'm late! I have to go to Narnia! See you laterr, byeee.... " What? What do you wanna do in Narnia?? And he said he wanna go audition for Edry KRU's company and I was like what?? Edry KRU? Are you kidding me ---is he in my dream too... And Yusop ran away and I followed him with my heavy guitar on my back, cuz I really want to hear him singing.. "oh no, you don't run away from me!" and I arrived at his room and to my surprise it's a hostel room filled with K-pop boys. What?? this doesn't make sense, I quit K-pop long time ago, lol. and I saw Dongwoon, also from Beast and he looks sorta jealous seeing me with Yusop. Hahaha, that's funny because I like Dongwoon best in Beast and well, I only know those two that's why the other members don't exist in my dream, lol.

So, that was a pretty short and pointless dream but because of Yusop and Dongwoon I woke up late for my Literature class, uwaaaa! I really don't wanna wake up... wanna keep dreaming.... at least until I got Yusop to sing to me, haha, okay I'll try again tonight. Nighty, nighty everyone...peace!

bye-bye I got to do the assignments ~

haaaa.... I can't believe these two dorks were actually in my dreams last night~~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Princess.

I'm in the middle of assignments and load of works but I feel like wanna watch My Princess k-drama again. Well, it's not like me repeating the whole series all over again, since I only watched 3 episodes or so and stop. I kinda like the story , though it's typical.. mybe because the Autumn guy is in it? Yeah, mybe it's all about him..hehe. I'm in a mood for older and rich looking guy, I don't know why??? Maybe this is the effect of being a 21 years old..lol

I remember I stopped watching this drama because of the lead actress's freaking TEETH!
Her teeth is soo distracting! They're too shiny..  I swear you can see camera's reflection on her teeth, lol.

I really wanna do assignments but I really can't stop wasting time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Beautiful isnt it? Bath is a place in England not another word for shower, btw.
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Blind Innocent girl.

I lovee this song and looooove the MV even more. I think I've listened to this song for like 100 times in the past 24 hours... haha.. the song is just full of emotions, love it.

I just wish they turn the story into a movie instead of 3 min MV. I love the storyline and the casts, looks so interesting.

p/s: I don't know the singers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And it's Disneyland that I need.

Now only I have time to open this blog... but I wasn't busy doing work or anything.. just busy relaxing, hehe.. ahh..to hell with the assignments...=P

So, me and my friends along with other Uni students went to Disneyland Paris last weekend. Woahh... the best best best weekend ever! I've been dreaming on this trip for like EVER! As I told you all before, I tried to prepare my best for the trip but things didn't went as I planned. My coat didn't arrived in time, my shoes didn't arrived in time, they got my contact lens wrong... but I still enjoy Disneyland to the fullest, yeah!

And I told everyone I wanna meet Peter Pan in Disneyland.. and I did found him. I'll make a special post for him later, haha.

So basically we just went to Paris, to Disneyland, broke our legs from walking, almost died after riding two roller coasters, ride a boat, ride a pirate ships, ride a (fake) horse, ride a spinning turtle, ride a toy car, sit on a spinning cup, went in a space ship, in a haunted house, meet Michael Jackson, watch Mickey and Donald on stage, meet Goofy, meet Pluto, meet Minnie, meet everyone in Peter Pan's stories, sleep in a circus hotel, and play, play and play. That's all we should do in Disneyland, play! =D

mmm... just wish next time I can go to Disneyland with evvvvvveryone I love,
good things need to be shared, right?

some dreams do come true, don't they?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is it normal?

"I was so depressed yesterday, I thought I'm becoming crazy. Hate everyone, wish I'm gone from everyone's life , and see if they even give a damn. I hate that person for avoiding me, hate that person for not smiling back at me, hate that person for not talking to me, hate that person for looking at me like am some kind of freak who couldnt speak and think at all. hate 'these' people. isolate me and pretend like im not there. hate me but didn't tell me what I did wrong.  let me walk alone, don't even wanna look me in the eyes. Just realize though I'm standing in the crowd, I'm all alone. People just don't give a damn if you're stupid and useless.They'll use you and then forget all about you. I don't want a special treatment, just treat me like everyone else! I feel excluded all the time but honestly, nothing really interest me anymore. Went to school, went to every classes, but could understand nothing and people aren't bother to help either.

"Last night, no one's around. went down to the kitchen twice to find a knife. tried to cut my palm and a little on wrist but our stupid kitchen knife is so blunt, cant even cut through my skin -wtf? lol. I took a small one upstairs and hide it under my pillow just in case. didn't mean to kill myself just hoping to see some blood. it's a proof that I'm living. it's a proof that I can still feel something. Guess there's just so many problems, too little time to solve. I just wish people will stop caring, 'cause when they say they care, they don't mean it forever. And really, please don't care. I'm sick today but I'm going to be alright tomorrow."


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steven William.

Hi girls... today I want you to meet Steven William, just found him somewhere in the websites, lol..


i think he is so cute! hehe and he's actually an actor from Indonesia.. urghh... kinda jealous, Indonesia got so many cute actors! unlike Malaysia, come on Malaysia, you can do better! T-T.. i'm tired of waiting for some cute actors to pop out from Mlysia...huwaa~

He was born on 1993.... so that make him fall under the first category; underage. lalalala~ bye.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Plan....(ι´Д`)ノ

Aaahhh... don't you just hate it when things don't go according to your plan?? :(((

First, I've ordered contact lens online and even paid extra money to get it as earliest as possible..
and it did arrived 2,3 days later but as soon as I opened the box, wat da heck??
they send me one green lens and one grey lens... it is obviously two very different colors and designs! helloew!! God, you guys are color blind or what?~~ now I've to return it and wait for idk-how-many days to get the right one...  I just hope they'll send me before this Friday, cuz I really wanna wear them for my Big Trip...

And yeah, as the preparation for my Big Trip, I've also bought a nice white coat on eBay (yg murah jer..hehe) but the seller haven't post it yet... =(. I've thinking to send her message to send it as quickly as possible cuz I wanna wear them on this Friday, but umm.. just read the delivery time is between 5-7 days.. waa.. I'm not sure if it can arrive before Friday~~~! omg, I've no idea what I should wear for my Big Trip T-T

And the worst of all, I fall sick.
When you fall sick, it just kinda slows down everything. I hate being sick!!!
I just realize that I will fall sick everytime Notts game started,, (just like last year, I had a really bad fever, I throw up twice. yeah, for me it was really bad cuz in Malaysia, no matter how sick I am, I would never throw up. But lucky this time it wasn't so bad, juz had a bit of flu and headache.)

sooo... I don't know what else to do, just hoping for the best I guess.
this is a really important trip for me.. I just wanna prepare my best~ ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

i'm gonna meet Peter Pan!!! i hope...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Host Club?

Hey, juz a quick post b4 going to bed, hehe

I was lookin for something to watch on DramaCrazy (yeah2, you know this uber famous website) and stumbled upon this interesting documentary,, it's called The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (2006) .. that's the real title, but on the webpage, it's written as 'Delete Me', idk why~

Soooo... basically the story is about urmm.. it's about... urm.. *uhuk male prostitute *uhuk.. yeah~ it's about 'Host Boys' in Japan... boys working in a club, serving drinks to girls~

This is a 'clean' movie, (no explicit contents at all, mind you) and it's not about giving tips on how to get girls or anything ...but it focus on how's life in big city like Tokyo really is. People have to do anything to get money, cuz in this world, money can buy anything, including love (The women work hard to get money just to go to this host club, cuz it's the only place where they can find temporary love, though it isn't a real one) I find it really depressing... and feels bad for some people in this story.

Then, a thought came crossing my mind.
Some of the boys working in the Host Club looks so attractive (well, they have too~ for their job)
and we can actually pay them to hang out with us!
idk, the idea seems to be .. ummm.. well, it seems to be.. tempting.. well, I mean..errr.. I didn't mean anything.. lol...urmm.. juz forget it.



One fine morning, (I remember it was Hari Raya Korban day), nobody's home (╯3╰),, everyone was out without me, cuz I was too lazy to get up, (and it was SUNDAY!! my lazy, lazy day...(∩▂∩)

And I went down to the kitchen- to make tea,, and as soon as I opened one of the kitchen drawer....

uwAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,there's thief in our house!!!⊙_☉

Photo evidences:

 our maggi...T-T

my favorite green tea!!!

the suspect is none other than 

I was soooo mad, cuz this thing eat our; maggi Tomyam (1) ,  Mamee (2),  Mamee Bihun (1),  mee Ruski (2) , Maggi Curry (1), box of my Green Tea (1) =total 8 things. (!!!)

I was so upset.... specially when it ate my maggi Tomyam.. I mean, I try my hard to save it and only eat it on special days, .....because you cant find maggi Tomyam in UK!!! they dont sell it here!! 

wuwuuuuu~~ I hate you Ratatouille!! if i got you one day, I'll sell you on e-Bay!  >(»_«)<

okay, I'm not overacting. sy mmg hantu Maggi.hihi.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love tagging games, yeah!

sori sori sori, sy lmbat.. >_<... thanks sudi tag =))

Terms and condition~:

1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER
6.No tag back!
7.No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people.

so, here it is :)

11 things about me

. I have Peter Pan obsession and mybe Peter Pan syndrome as well, haha.. i'm really scared of getting old.like really.

. I like going to Youtube just watching videos of make-up tutorials or boys styling their hair, lol.

. If I DON'T LIKE you, I wont talk a word with you, if I REALLY REALLY LIKE you, I'll talk a LOT with you, and you cant stop me hah ^^

. Boys that I always fall in love with, are either :
       1.Underage   2.Anime   3.Gay  4.in rare cases; lesbian.

.I can drink up to 10 glasses of coffee/tea/Nescafe/hot choc/Horlick/Espresso/ everyday. I'm a really really heavy drinker.>_<

. I can cry reading Doraemon.

 . I have problems in maintaining a relationship with someone, cuz Im very forgetful. I can be friends with you today and forget completely about you after some time.

. The first time I cried in UK was because I miss my bunny,haha.

. I can't cook for crap. I need to look at tutorials on Youtube just to make an omelet.

. I will drink only Coke if I'm sick. but then people say Coke isn't good for you so I change to Seven Up. I cant eat anything, so basically getting sick is the fastest way for me to loose weight,lol

. I love being crazy, and random, and unique, and basically just do what I wanna do without thinking so much, Im not a 'trend' follower but rather juz stick to what I like.... but I really dont like people calling me weird, it makes me feel so loowww, like I'm not fit with 'em, so dont call me weird, errr even if I am weird.

Questions from Husna

Your last watched movies?  
Last Quarter (2004)

Havent finish it yet, but I like the Gothic feeling in the movie =)) and Hyde is so &*^%&* cute!
Your favourite colors?
 I know people will probably think I love PINK but.. really, I like all colors the same.

Post a picture of you and your loved one, two,three.
My love one and two arent here =(, but here's my pic with my love three,, hehe 

  gosh, I suck at taking my own picture...  o_0

Your aim now?
  going to the kicthen and make Nescafe..hehehe jk, just enjoying every little things I have n basically, trying to be happy and contented every day.

Things that you really hate to remember now
Thinking out loud in front of a Malaysian who I thought was Japanese. omg. 
Quote that you always hold on to
That everything happens for a reason, always look for the reason! 
Why do you love your blog
It allows me to tell stuff to people, friends, family without 'directly' speaking to them. I'm better at writing than speaking, and I don't really like talking to people directly, so blogging is how I reach them. And I hate Facebook, sooo many 'attention seekers', lol..  blog is the only place left for me,, to be me!^^
What do you think about my blog
I hate it when it was filled with sadness, I love it when it was filled with happiness. I dont like reading sad stories on my friends blogs =(  hopefully, there will be more happy and silly stories in your blog, hehe
 Describe your bestfriend in three words.
Blog that you really love to read and blogwalking
My sister's blog, Ada n Husna's blog (I wasn't tryin to be nice , I mean it! lol) Aina's, Wani's, Hayat's -----these are 'hardcore' bloggers, lol 
You. 5 years ahead. what do you see.
Me, 26 years old... holy cow, I'm so old!,,,, will I still like watching anime? will I still have crush on L and Peter Pan?
lol, Im probably working my head off to save money so that I can go travelling around the world with my family..hihi

i wanna continue this tagging game, but all my friends has been tag! so, yeah.. it ends here, i guess =(

Thursday, November 3, 2011

loveley Autumn

Today, sending our first assignment. the crappiest of all the crappy assignments I've done. Even got the word counts wrong. wont be surprised if Nick ask me to redo it.

but Park Building sure looks gorgeous today!


tiba2 trjumpa Intan,,,

 goodness.. I can make a postcard out of this...


guess evrything just look so beautiful on the day you finish your assignment. =))

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃