Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Crush is just a Crush...♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪

One day, I went to Kens to eat with my friends. And suddenly our eyes caught on something. It was our seniors, also went there to have lunch. (Omg, of all the people.. why??). I don't really care but my friend.. is so 'overacting'...

This 'senior' is actually the one that I used to have a big crush on since I'm in IPDA. He's my TESL senior and my class is just next to him.. so I used to take a peep when walking past his class-and always found him sleeping (erk). Everyday I'll wait for him to go to toilets (since the toilets are besides my class) to catch a glimpse of him. I don't know why he'll go to toilets so many times a day until my friend (which is a male)  told me that he went there to smoke. oh, I thought he just have a 'diarrhea' everyday.

He got so many 'negatives qualities' on him but I still adore him, I thought he's so cool. I like the fact that he's different from others. I like it when he's gonna be a teacher one day, but he can't even stay awake in a class, lol.

And above all, I like him cause he's cute. That's all, it's all about 'the looks' for me. well, isn't that the reason why we fall in love with a singer, actor, idols? It's not true love, it's a 'crush'.

So, I actually was a bit excited to come to UK cause I know I'll meet him again here- Our seniors went to UK a year early than us- but as soon as I came here, I found out that he already has a GF, so yeah. Not really broken-hearten as I kinda have expected it. Even if he's single, I don't think I have a chance, and in fact, don't really hope for a, not a big deal for me.

...Ok, so we continue back to my story where I eat at Kens with my friends,, hehe.

So, I was with my friends and he was also there with his girlfriend. And my friend keep teasing me, saying stuff like,

" Hai, romantiknya diorang.. makan berdua.." ,
"Faiqah, jgn kecewa.. sabar2.. hehe" and ect, ect..
expecting me to be all sad and heart-broken.. oh, please.
I was so annoyed cuz all I wanna do is eat my chicken in peace. And I literally said to her, " I don't give a f***, ok." lol, when I'm annoyed, you can tell. I was so mad cuz what was she's trying to do? Make me jealous of someone who doesn't have anything to do with me? Dude, I have my own life, k..

So, my close friends will probably know who this senior is. Yeah, I used to have a crush on him, but that was during my 'stupid-naive-girl' years.. where I like messing around with people. (zaman kanak2 riang) Now.. not anymore. In fact, I kinda hate the way he behaves right now.. I would rather wish he and his gf just get married now, since they're umm..'ridiculously close'. Kawin je la, senior.. please, take responsibility of your gf. I'll respect you more for that.

So, I don't know why I feel like writing about this. Maybe I'm just getting tired of my friends teasing me about him when I am so not into him anymore. Yeah, once in a while, I still mentions him and joke about him, but that's just it.

Crush is like a paper, when you like it, you'll keep it, once you don't like it, you throw it into a dustbin. Crushes normally don't last, only real love do. 

ok, so that's the end of story of my 'ex-crush'.
Psst.. secret.. I'm in love with someone right now.
I don't think this is a 'crush' since I don't like him at first.(though he's cute and nice)
but now I do? This is not a crush I think, cuz crush works the other way round.
so, is this true then? jeng jeng jeng.. just wait and see.. hihi


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


For me, waiting for my new timetable to come out is a very scary thing.

 My class timetable will decide: what hour I should sleep at night, at what time I can wake up in the morning, when will I have my lunch/breakfast, can I go back home between the classes, do I have to pray outside of my home, with whom I'm going to walk to my classes..  -for the rest of semester.

it will controls a lot of aspects in my life.. even though it's just a .. 'timetable.'

And now... I have the worst timetable for this sem! T_T

i don't like it... all because I have to go to class at 9 am every morning..
I am not a morning person.. I like to take a long time to get ready..
and mmg confirm la pi kelas x mandi..hehe

well.. what I like about my new schedule is that.. I'll go to the class early and will mostly come back home early too. Not so many evening class.

and we don't have to go to a local school every week now.. yay!! I'm so happy cuz I'm so lazy to go to the school every week and sit with kids in classroom while watching their teacher teach. You can't imagine how boring it is.

stressnya.. malas~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I have super power! >_0

One night, I dreamed there's someone waiting for me after class.
It was snowing, yet he was waiting for me under a tree. I look to see who he is and omo, it's Sam Conception!

(he's an actor from Philippines, in case you're wondering..)  

Felt quite weird that he randomly showing up in my dream.. like of all people.. but who cares! haha

but then I woke up and my friend told me that I was in duty to buy groceries for this week, so I have to follow them to the market..

And I went to Panda Shop which I havent go ever since I came back to UK. Well, now I can eat rice evryday so I never really have to go to this shop to buy Maggi anymore. hehe.

and as I was wandering around the shop.. my eyes caught on something.. and it was this;

I have never seen this before, and was it a coincidence that I dreamed about Sam the night before and found this the next morning..

because... Sam is Boy Bawang!


well if you happened to watch Super Inggo at TV9 a few years back, you would know about this.. hehe.
the character's name is Boy Bawang.

well.. do you know what else does this mean??

rolly polly, I always know that my dream can tell the future!!!
*omg face*

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Liar Game: Reborn

Just found out that there will be a new Liar Game movie coming out this March.
 I'm too happy, I can't wait. Hooray for the best J-drama ever!! ^_^

strong and smart Akiyama-kun... can I have him?

Chubby Bunny.

Help this girl to loose her fat cheeks. She didn't realize she was gaining fat on her cheeks until one day she was video chatting with her family and they told her, "mak aih...bulatnya muka.. hihihi".. arkkk *heart attack*

how to look like a 'sophisticated 22 year old woman' when you have round face!! arghh~


So.. all this time I believed that I can never ever be able to cook anything other than Maggi but now I can happily say I can cook chicken, fish, soup.. (all the normal human dishes..) hehe.. omg, I can't believe this! lol <--too happy for no reason.

Here in UK, I am being forced to cook once in a week...hihi.. But thank God for that or else I won't learned it forever.

I just wanna thank my friends for being very supportive and always there to help me.. =,)
even though I keep messing up and asked silly questions like:

 Me: Serai dalam bahasa Inggeris apa?
 Friend: x tau.. nape?
 Me: Macam mane rupa serai?
 Friend: Panjang.. hijau.. aishh~ *kawan plak jd stress..*

Me: (geledah2 peti sejuk...)

I remember being confused with these two...

Answer: ok, the right one is 'serai' (lemongrass) and the other one is leeks. 

since I don't know which one is one - at that time, I just put them both into my cooking. And it still taste 'normal' ehehe.

So cooking can be very hard and confusing and time consuming and ect ect..
but.. here's an easy tip on how to be good in cooking in just a blink of an eye;

just use.. 
yep, pretty much just Google any recipes you want and follow the instructions carefully.. ^^I mean, really2 carefully..

 Google: Potong kacang panjang sebanyak 3 cm dan masukkan ke dalam periuk...
  Me: hah, 3 cm? *lari ambik pembaris*

Well, basically everything is easier now.. (the power of internet~)
you have recipes in your hand.. you can cook like a boss.. hehe.

Wah.. I can't wait to go back and show my mum how good I am now in cooking...
boleh la i kahwin.. yippee~

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mei chan's Butler =◠◡◠=

A J-drama I've been watching currently after zzzillion years...

 I like it!!^^

Imagine having one super gud looking boy following you around, managing your life, help with school works, prepare your meals, iron your clothes, comb your hair, protect you from flying bugs, ect ect..

it's like having a personal slave assistant with you, how cool is that??! Omg, I want one! I think I need one.. my life is a total mess.. wuwuu.. for a person like so convenient to have a butler.. ahh~

Mei's butler.. *me burning with jealousy*

Mei and his butler *me explode with jealousy*

I think boys who watched this drama must feel very annoyed with the girls, lol =P

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House story.

One day while I was in my room wasting time in front of my computer, I heard the doorbell rang,, and I heard Mimi ran to open the door, and I heard voices of men and women entering our house. Mimi ran to upstairs into my room and she opened my door to tell me, that those people came to take a tour of our house.

"Maybe the future tenant," that's what she said. But I find it weird cuz nobody had inform us anything.

I started to imagine wild thing like... Omg, those people are robbers! And there's only the two of us in the house cuz the others went to Spain...

I tried to listen to any suspicious sound but Mimi was silent and so are the people.
Omg!! they've tied her to the wall, and they are coming to get me next! whattodo whattodo??

So, I went downstairs slowly while carrying a plastic bag, inside the bag is a knife which I stole from the kitchen a few days back to peel my apples.. hehe.

And as soon as I reached the downstairs.. there was no one there. Omg, they kidnapped my friend!!

but nope, Mimi is still in her room watching Running Man.

Okay, I'm a drama queen, I don't really think those people are robbers, I'm just acting for fun. hehe.

"where are the people?"
" Oh, they just went to look at our kitchen and saw the big hole and just left hurriedly. I don't know why..."
*translated conversation*

Oh, you mean they saw this and left without saying a word?

no wonder.. they must have thought we keep a dinosaur or something in this house, lol.

Me: Cant wait to move out, yeah!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


If you say you love me,
but you need time,
I'm going to wait for you, too.
 no matter how long it'll take.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!! ^o^

Okay I'm 12 days late, but now I can finally sit down and think about 2011 and 2012 without worrying about freaking assignments or whatsoever.

On 1st January 2012, I was in Scotland with my friends and while everyone went out to party and celebrate New Year, we were all sleeping like a cow in our hostel room... (penat melancong..haha)

We arrived in Portsmouth on  2nd Jan and had to rush to finish all four assignments, which we need to submit in less than 10 days. okey, macam nak gila buat assignments tu. Dah la malas, satu hal, susah satu hal plak, masa dh semput pon satu hal. It's a miracle that I can finish all four in time. I thought I wanna pay someone to do my assignment but luckily I dont have that much money.. haha. Biasa lah bila esok dh nk hntar, satu hari tu boleh siap 3000 words essay, pergh.. power datang scara tiba2.. haha.

Rasa sedih and kelakar bila terkenang kembali saat2 kami satu rumah bertarung untuk siapkan assignments. Semua x kuar bilik. Satu rumah sunyi sepi cam xde org. Dapur pon sunyi-- tapi makanan tetap habis jugak.. xtau diorg turun makan masa bila, haha.. tapi memang susah nak jumpa lah.

I thought everyone is going crazy... lintas bilik Nazihah, dengar dia dok berkaraoke.. lintas bilik Mimi dengar dia dok practice line Sailormoon "Dengan kuasa bulan aku akan menghukummu! Yah!!" haha.. no.. Mimi usually watch Running Man, which I dont know what drama it is.

So, I have been so busy that I have no time to sit and reflect about my 2011.

I think 2011 have been a very awesome and memorable year for me.

In 2011, I've meet almost everyone I want to meet,

Went to Anime Convention and meet L Lawliet, Vic Mignogna, and all the rest of my fav anime character...

I went to Disneyland Paris and meet Peter Pan, and have a really wonderful Disney moment..

have a big trip around England and Scotland with my housemates!

Pergi Fuiyo 2011, and meet Ustaz Zamri and all my fellow friends from other uni and gather with all Malaysian students studying in UK. Best gila! feels like home.. that's why I never want to leave Fuiyo.. wuu.. =(

Pergi konsert BEAST and 4Minute, Hyuna, G.Na and see how good looking Dong Woon in real life, how round Yoseob's face is and how big all the K-pop girls' legs are.. haha.

the rest...Pergi kelas, buat assignments...Jalan sana, jalan sini... hmmm... biasa la students..

I love 2011.. 
 ....1001 memories..

I just hope the same goes to 2012..
maybe even better, insya-Allah =) kalau dipanjangkan lagi umur di dunia ni.. ^__^

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I looove this tea, very delicious! Every sip feels like heaven~ haha, ok Im weird.
I try to remember where I bought this tea,
and I just realized I didnt bought it, I stole it.
I took it when we stayed in Disneyland Hotel.
aaa that was in Paris, do they sell it here??
I wanna buy a bunch and bring it back home, hehe.

wait... i have loads of assignments to do and here I am writing about tea.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dead meat.

I'm dooooooomed...........

I got 4 freakin assignments to be submit in less than 7 days and I havent finish any.
what makes it worst... i have no freakin idea how to do it, hahaha
Tell me!!! is TESL supposed to be that hard??
omg, can't imagine how medic students' life is, no wonder some went crazy *cough*

i think I'll go for Kamal's plan,
buy a flight ticket and disappear.

I'm sorry rakyat Malaysia semua.. huhu, but my assignments are so ridiciouloys %&&%;^*^!!

entry L.O.V.E

"Dan kahwinlah orang bujang (Lelaki atau perempuan) dari kalangan kamu, dan orang yang salih dari hamba-hamba kamu, lelaki dan perempuan. Jika mereka miskin, Allah swt akan memberikan kekayaan kepada mereka dari limpa kurnia-Nya, kerana Allah swt Maha Luas (rahmat-Nya dan limpah kurnia-Nya), lagi Maha Mengetahui"
(Surah An-Nur 24:32)
p/s: Semoga Allah permudahkan =)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Finally, I'm back at home again.. after almost a week in Devon for FUIYO and followed by another one week in Liverpool,Manchester and Scotland. It's a great journey. I like it so much.hehe.

 Why I really like this trip?

It's not a very fun and enjoyable trip.

There are so many problems along the way. At first we thought we wanna go skiing in Glasgow. But then it wasn't snowing yet. Then, we thought we wanna go try skiing indoor with fake snow, but then it would be too expensive and not worth the money. Then, we decided to go for ice skating. But, it was public holiday (New Year) and the place was closed, and I can say the whole city was closed on that day, lol. We were wondering in an empty and super cold city for that whole day, haha.

At last, we found a cinema and watch TWO movies in a row just to kill some time.Omg, I went to Scotland just to watch Puss in Boots and Sherlock Holmes, lol, epic!

I'm not sad or frustrated at all. But I'm just a lil bit sad watching my friends disappointed faces.

Again, why do I like this trip so much despite so many things went wrong?

I can't say for sure but I found 'something' in this journey.
 I realize this is not a journey to go sightseeing, having fun, taking pictures with friends,

this journey taught me about LIFE.

Berjalan bukan untuk melancong,
tapi berjalan untuk belajar tentang kehidupan.

I picked up 'something' while I travelled.
I wanna keep 'it' with me for the rest of my life.

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃