Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31st October 2012.

Today is tiring. but happy and wonderful.. ;)

 Wafa' Open house

we have our open house for Eid and housewarming today,, it was fun, though it was really tiring since there's only 4 of us to do the chores.. but definitely worth it! I love seeing the smiles, the laughter from people who came. I hope the food is alright,, ;)


How nice! thanks to those who came.. I really wanna do this again, though we're all complaining about how our backs hurt last night,lol.

It's Halloween day!

yes, 31st October is also a Halloween day, and yes, there are kids turning up on our front door for 'Trick or Treats'. And like always we have to hide; pretend like nobody's home, when all the candies have gone out,lol. No spare candies in this house.

 I was planning to go out during Halloween night, but since we had open house today, I was too tired for that.
so, what's my Halloween memory?

I went to London Bridge Experience, got chased by monsters and ghosts in London Tomb, and on the way back home, we spent the time telling ghost stories in the train, he3.. with Intan and Wani, brave girls,lol.


Today is someone's birthday.
Guess who?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wrong number.

Sunday's story.

I was trying to grab my phone without looking at it and I realized there's a number on the screen. I thought somebody was calling me and then realized that 'I' was the one calling that person,, (!!)  by accident of course. I quickly ended the call before somebody answered it.

After a bit of 'investigation' and looking back at the call history, I'm pretty sure the number belong to Kasturi, she gave it to me during our school visit last week. Then, I got a text from that number, asking,

"Who's this?".

And me, being so confident that it was Kasturi on the other line, I texted back saying;

"Kas, it's me Faiqah.. he3..sorry, I think I accidentally called your number.." (very Malaysian style, lol)

and got a reply;

"I'm not kas and I don't know who he is and where did you get my number??"

erkk... wrong number ka?? well, it's possible..

"You're not kas? Okay, she must hve given a wrong number to me. I'm sorry and I'll delete this number,, no worries." (me; trying to look all professional :p)

"Kas who??"

"Are u playing trick on me, kasturi? Is this really you or not?"

"No I'm not, I don't know how you or "kasturi" has got my number?"

this is the point where I started to lost my temper and get all annoyed...

"Fine then. Chill. She must hv got one number wrong when she gave me her number. No need to freak out.. gosh. Bye."

hah! puas hati ai. annoying. so much.

The fact that s/he cannot accept that: 'people can get a telephone number wrong somtimes' is so so annoying.
why act so scared and freaking out?? 
 aahh.. I know...
that person could be a serial killer, or a secret undercover agent, or just Harry Styles from OneDirection.. lol
so that's why s/he is freaking out when people know her/his phone number.. pftftf..

kinda regretted after looking back at my last text to that person. so mean.. 
nah.. I think I should have write something nastier.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Salam Aidiladha :)

Third time menyambut Aidiladha in Portsmouth, UK,,yay
(weird, can't really remember how it went for the first two years, though..  
where have my memories gone to?)

we're planning to have an 'open house' too.
coming soon.. he3
really looking forward for that,

p/s: today, is a really, really lovely day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whoever you are...

"Perghhh.msti susah kan kau nk lupa kan dua-dua tu? haha.
biar orang perempuan buat kat kita,jangan lelaki yg buat dekat perempuan.
sbb diorang kaum yg lemah. Kita kena la terima dugaan yang mendatang.
insyaAllah.kelak nanti yang lelaki msti dpat yang smpurna dalam hdup kita.
jdi kita sebagai lelaki kena la trima dugaan tu. Padam kan nafsu dan ego sebelum kawin.baru mncabar.- "

A boy wrote this comment on a song I was listening to on Youtube. He probably was referring to the music video, a guy whose cheated by two girls and ended up with nobody.

 Boy, whoever you are, you have my respect.
I can stand guys being naughty or evil or bad ect, ect...but I hate those who didn't respect women. Guys who dare to hit women ,,, I hate these kind of guys..ewww..

And I agree with him;

"Girls can bully boys but boys must never bully girls."

lol, looks unfair isn't it? haha

anyway...The boy who wrote that comment, is a real gentleman, i love you for that, well done! ^_^

p/s: I love to tease boys, bully them and seeing them making this sad face.. aww.. so cute! haha.. but really, if they bully me back, erkk.. that's scary. Pls, let us hit you, I'm sure it won't scratch you a bit, but please don't hit us back, you know you guys are a lot stronger than us!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


            "Are you feeling worried?" asked Linda.
            "About what?" I asked her back.
             "well... about anything?"
             She was quite surprised seeing how extremely calm I was.

......Silent... I don't know. I don't know if I'm worried or not. Didn't really feel anything.Yet.

 Seeing Linda for the first time to discuss on my independent project.

My IP is moving too slow.. I've changed my research topic for perhaps a dozen times by now.
It's really difficult to find something that I like enough to study extensively for months and months to come.

             "Do you know which school you're going for SE?" She asked.
             "Okay, what's your student ID?"

I thought she was gonna check the school placement for me but she opened my student profile and viewed my assignments' marks instead!. Arkkk...almost fell off my chair,huhu.

  "Your marks aren't that bad...kinda go up and down.. but that's fine. I like this topic and you like this topic, let's work together and get a good mark for this (IP), alrite?"

Thanks Linda, that's a really kind words. I wish and I want a good mark for IP to make up for my previous bad marks. I feel lucky to have her as my supervisor. Linda is one of the 'cool' lecturers, she can be really  unorganized and in mess sometimes, but she's really good in what she's doing. I really like her, haha ^_^.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Sidekicks.

 When Mimi posted this picture on FB, I was overwhelmed by how cute and innocent () we are, ha3. Look at our slippers! This is a joy of being a girl, lol, I don't think boys wear these in their house, (or do they?). Anywayz.. you can see there are all kind of animals living in our house,  frog (Mimi), cat (Nazihah), bear (Lia) and Rabbit (of course, mine!). This fluffy slippers come in handy to protect your feet from cold, really, not just intended for looking fancy.

If the picture was taken in Margate Road (my previous house), there's gonna be another 3 slippers.
Mal's, Didi's and Sanak's. (but i don't think selipar jepun Sanak is gonna fit in the pic, hahaha)

Lastly, I miss our GG, Ghost Generation (LOL) yg baru debut last sem.
pic taken in Turkey, 2012.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday Story.

Last Saturday, me and my friends went to London. My first visit to London after coming back to UK (if I didn't count Gatwick Airport as London, lol). How lucky I am to be in Portsmouth, since London is sooo reachable. Like I said, I hate London, but fun things always happen there, >_<.

We went to see a Japan Festival. Like an event to promote Japan culture, haha, you get the idea. Sushi, anime, kawaii stuff...ect,ect.

but... really embarrassing thing happened before we went to London T_T.

Since none of my housemates wanted to go, I've to go to the train station alone to meet up with others.
 So the plan is to meet at Fratton train station before 8.20 am. I don't remember where is Fratton train station since I've always take train in Southsea train station. So, the night before, I did study Google Map to help me with the direction, (lol, dork). And my friend told me that it's near to ASDA, (5-8 min walk from our house) and she's so confident that it wont be a problem for me to go to ASDA alone,, cuz we always went there every week to buy chicken.

but.. this is Faiqah. the worst, worst, WORST map-reader ever.

So, I woke up at 6 am,
shower, make-up, beakfast,
and started walking at 7.30 am,

and I got lost in the middle of Portsmouth.

I couldn't find ASDA which is supposed to be a 5 min walk from my house. I've been walking for so long I thought I've reached the neighbor village, lol.
All I did is to follow GPS from my phone and I don't know where I am, uwaaa T_T

naik bukit, turun bukit, last2 I call my housemate to ask for direction.
 I told her, all I can see in front of me at that time is a church.

She asked me how on earth I ended up in front of a church?
I don't know.. I only followed my GPS.
She asked, which direction did I went when I first step out of the house, and I said, "Right"
"laa.. patutla sesat.... KIRI la!!"

so, to shorten the story....

my trip-mates were freaking out in the train station cuz I haven't arrived--I asked people to get to ASDA--Afza had to run from train station to find me---we met in front of ASDA (yay!)
but we missed the train.
(thankGod we did get on the next train-10 minutes later, pheww.)

I am so so so sorry for causing all the trouble.

utk Lia, yg dikacau tidurnya sbb sy call utk tnya jalan.
utk Afza, yg trpaksa berlari ke sana sini utk ambil sy.
utk Wani, Izzati, Rai, Nisa, Yana yg trlepas train sbb sy sesat.

I'm sorry, huhu.. i'm so bad with direction.
 I might be the only human in Portsmouth who uses GPS maps to find ASDA...and still lost!

Japan Matsuri 2012

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃