Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rich girl, poor girl.

If you're a poor Malaysian students studying in UK and you've been eating nothing fancy but Mee MaggiMyEm0.Com for the last 3 months; then today, you must be the most grateful person on earth. Why?? oohh.. because apparently God listen to your prayer and send someone to put  £2600 into your bank accountMyEm0.Com. My precious, precious allowance!!! How much I missed you baby, wahahahaha!
2600;  if you convert to Ringgit Malaysia, then wouldn't it be almost RM13,000???]
 OMG, I'm rich! I'm rich! ......err...but I have to pay for the house -£900, hall- £500, airplane ticket-£500~  OMG, I'm poor! I'm poor!MyEm0.Com .... mmmm... though I have a lot of money today, but I'll become poor again by the end of tomorrow. Arghh... I still have to eat lunch with maggi and egg. Waaaaa~


p/s: Life in oversea is not always fun 24 hours percayalah...nama ja duk UK student oversea konon-kononnya bunyi cam 'exclusive' gila tapi hari2 makan nasi dengan telur rebus+ kuah kicap aja..itupon dah kira 'heaven' sebenarnya...oh~! and if they forget to give us our allowance, arghh~ mati kering la kitaorang kat sini!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

~I like Malaysian Youtubers~

Lately there are so many cool Youtubers from Malaysia- making super cool and super funny videos..before this I just like to watch videos made by 'international Youtubers', like Nigahiga, Charlieissocoollike, and.. erm.. ermm.. okay, just those two. I don't really like video-log-kind-of video but I prefer to watch people doing cover of songs,,

 The most well known these days , of course la IniAnwar Hadi...

I never heard of him before, I just saw one of my friends liking his page on Facebook, so I tried to stalk him, (lalala~ I love stalking people, lol) and I was shocked because there are 'lemons and lemons' of fans (beribu-biru la maksudnya..)on his page.  
 [But I think his videos are just quite ordinary nothing special at all so why is he so famous???]
Anyway, his English is superb! I am so jealous.. and he's a TESL student like me but I can't even sound half as good as him.. and he's still studying in Malaysia at this time! Blom pi oversea lagi pon dah terer cakap omputih... and me??? I've been living here for months but nak cakap English dengan budak umur 4 tahun pon, dok 'aaa..', 'errrr..',, 'uukkk..'.. adoii~

He is now in Sydney, Australia.. He's also from Maktab.. (IPP.Pinang?)  So, I guess we might have met during our Language Camp 2 years ago. So, he's  future teacher too la.. but teaching primary schools.. oh, I'm jealous! Anyway, like other TESL students, he will be studying in oversea (in his case, it's in Australia) for like 2 and 1/2 years (not sure). Mmm well, Happy Studying and suffering!

but my favourite... +and Sanak's favourite (!)... is Matluthfi90!!

So cute!!!!! OMg, ak rasa dia mmg sesuai la dengan hang, Sanak (eh tetiba..). I like him better than AnwarHadi.. dia lagi natural, lawak and selamber badak+kanggaroo.. semualah~! I think he's also an oversea student.. Australia, maybe?


I like watching Malaysian students yg dok overseas buat video.. nampak best jer duk oversea..eh, tp ak rasa ak pon macam duk oversea jugak?? nape x rasa se-best macam diorang?? T_T

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bye-Bye Cute School.

Last week was a goodbye week to my primary school, Brading School. I am so sad!!Waa.. I wish I can stay at that school for the rest of this semester. I don't wanna go to other schools. I'm sure gonna miss this school a lot!. I thought that we're going to another primary school for next sem but the senior told me there won't be a visit to primary schools anymore. There will be only high schools or middle schools after this.. what??!! This is so-not fun.

I really like Brading school. The kids are so nice and friendly. On the last day, we gave each of them a Malaysian flag- made with paper and straw- and they were all smiling and waving the flags.. OMG, I am so touched! And one day, we gave them a little presentation about Malaysia, they are all so amazed to see how pretty Malaysia looks like (Well, of course, because we showed them a 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia' video) the kids and the teachers were all like;
"Is it like heaven over there???"
hahaha.. I wish....=_=

The school is special because it's almost hundred years old. And it's a church school. Before they went to canteen for lunch, they will sing their prayer together;

Thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for the water we drink,
thank you for the air we breathe..

Something like that,lol...I think that's so sweet. How many Malaysian schools do that these days? Reciting prayer together before going out to the canteen. And every Wednesday, they will have class assembly. The teacher will put a Christian cross in the middle and the children will sit around it and they will have like 'a confession session'. This is where the children tell how they feel and their problems, if they have any. The headteacher and their homeroom teacher will talk to them even though it's just a silly little things like "My friends told me that I just like to play with Jack" or "My sister like to make noise at home" and ect, ect..

On the last day, I went to the playground during the break time. I just peeping from the little fences and watched them play. Then, some little kids saw me and came to me and asked if I wanna play along. Omg, I feel like a 12 year old, lol. I feel so 'young' playing Hide and Seek, and Throw and Catch ball' with them, although I am in fact - a 20 years old grandma. 

It's hard to say goodbye.. wuwuu.. I'm so gonna miss Aidan, Liam, Hannah, Teddy, Maria, Melody, Niall and the rest, and also the little2 kids from Reception class.. and not to forget their teacher, Mrs Burt, she's the nicest teacher I've ever met! It just so hard to look at their face and realizing that we might never meet again..oh~

I hope you guys grow up well and be a good person...
and don't become 'wild monsters' like some kids I know in Harry Law~ uhuk2x...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Silly Me.

Last 2 days was Mimi's birthday, (Happy B-day Mimi!!MyEm0.Com), so we have a little party at Langstone to celebrate her birthday. We got her a really cool cake;

tadaaa~ yeah, we copy and paste Mimi's face on the cake.

I slept in Nazihah's place and we both have early classes the next day, at 9 freaking am. We woke up late and I didn't have time to shower and, I really don't wanna die in the freezing bathroom~lolMyEm0.Com, so I just washed my face, wore back my yesterday's clothes and rushed to catch the bus, Nazihah fell sick- because we almost freezing to death last night- so she couldn't come to class. And I was so so so sleepy during Susan's classMyEm0.Com, I just wanna go back to my room, shower and sleep. But I have classes for 4 hours non-stop o_0 (Tuesday is a horrible day for me!)

After the second class, I have to run to the next building to attend the third class. It was raining outside, and the place was crowded with people. I tried to squeeze in because I was already late, then, the most embarrassing thing happenedMyEm0.Com. Why on earth do I have to bump into Park Building's "most gorgeous boy" at that time??!! Why? why? why do I suddenly met him when I looked like-I just jump out of bed, sleepy face, no shower, no make ups, wearing yesterday's clothes, and with my glasses all fogged up because of the rain. omg, seriously, how more dumb can I look? MyEm0.Com

And he was right there standing, in front of me.. as ♥gorgeous♥ as ever.. (kyaa~!!) and a bit annoyed because he couldn't get through the door..lol.. it was like a 'battle' in front of Park building's entrance door- the people inside wanted to go out, the people outside wanted to go in... we all look like penguins, seriously~

Sigh~He's soo cute!MyEm0.Com, and I'm so laame! I wish he didn't see me at that time, but he did. wuwuu.. this is not romantic at all! I feel so sorry for myself. So much for Faiqah's imaginary love story..bleh~

Moral of the story: Don't wear glasses on rainy day, you might bump into your secret crush while looking like a total geek.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cute School!

Hi, I feel like it's been ages since I last write in this blog... A lot of things has happened in just within this 2 weeks, I'm balancing my life, my works, my dreams and my future... I'm seriously in a mess right now.. well, whatever, I just wanna share one of the coolest thing that happened to me- School Experience!!

I never expected school experience will happen this fast! We already need to go to school on the very first week! I already went for a school visit in UK once, and trust me, it's not a very pleasant experience. I don't know what's wrong with the children here =_=

Our first task is to go to a primary school, every Wednesday, for 3 weeks. So, my school is Brading Church England Primary (Brading CE Primary) school, located in Isle of Wight! I was surprised when I opened my envelope, there's hovercraft tickets in it. Looks like my school is in another island and I have to take hovercraft to go there..wow!

It's quite fun when you think about it,

1.wake up very early in the morning, 
  2. take taxi to hovercraft,
    3. take hovercraft, 
      4. and take taxi again,

and finally, here we are, the school!

Okay, the pictures I took is crappy.. lol, too bad we can't take the kid's pictures- it's sort of a school policy- The school is really pretty! It's really small and old (about 100 years old) but it's really a cool school! First I was a bit scared of the children- due to my previous experience- but they seems to be okay, they're really nice, the teachers are nice too.. maybe because this is a 'kampung school' so the people are nicer to us.

I'm going to tell a lot more about this school, next Wed will be the last day we're going to this school, till then, bye-bye!

~Isle Of Wight~

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi y'all,

I should be sleeping because I got classes tomorrow morning but I really miss my baby bloggie he he he
anyways~ I just went back from London! I never thought I could say that during this critical situation; when my money is equivalent to zero ($ = 0), but we weren't just going there to have fun, we actually went for a 2-days programme with our Malaysian brothers and sisters. It's called 'SH' aka 'Syahadatul Haq', I think I like this one better than PMS- I don't know why, maybe because it's more relaxed..? he he

I feel lucky being in UK and get to experience the life of being Muslim here. I like seeing the Malaysian students here, so wonderful,  organizing all kind of great programmes for juniors. I really like all the 'kakak-kakak usrah there, they're so beautiful, smart and sooo kind to us! Their parents must be soo proud of them.. balik Malaysia nanti mesti ramai nak masuk meminang... huhu jeles~MyEm0.Com

This is my first time going to London, to Finsbury Park! Actually, not really... I've been there twice, (when I first came to UK and when I went to Sheffield) but I only went to London to change trains ect~ so this is officially my first time going out to London streets, omg!
Well, for me London is....MyEm0.Com :  Soo Busy, People over there walk so fast, so many cars, so many people, dirty with rubbish, vandalism (goodness), lots of big and old building (they're pretty!), lots of Halal food (yay), lots of Muslim, very confusing roads~ idk, I can't tell a lot right now, coz I've been there only for 2 days and we don't really go to a lot of places.. just wandering around the Muslim Welfare House, at the Finsbury.
What we bought in London? Me- KFC, Nazihah- handbag, Mimi- shower scrubber MyEm0.Com Well, it suits our budgets~ lolz

I don't have any pics of London to put here, cuz I left my camera.. oopsie, hi3.. but I pretty much sure this is not our last trip to London, I have a list of dream places to go there- Madame Tussauds, Kengsinton Garden, London Bridge, ect, ect~ btw, it's just London, meh~ very near, just 2 hour journey from Portsmouth. If we have money, we can go there every week!

The most memorable place we went in London, halal KFC !

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃