Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbye ENGLAND!

Assalamualaikum n hii..
Last post written from the uk.. :')
Im going home tomorrow, 12pm UK time insyaAllah..

We went out to Commercial Road for the last shopping trip n lots of wonderful things happen..

I met a bunch of lovely and helpful people and im gonna miss their kindness towards strangers, something we dont hv enough in Malaysia.

oh, and i met a Malysian uncle in the street n he came here with his wife and children. He said he was uni of Portsmouth ex students in the 70s n now he came back!.. i secretly wish i could do the same someday.. aaminn..

I am a very shy with strangers and i always look down when walking outside but when i look up lots of people were smiling at me. Im missing these smiles all this while? The world is beautiful, look up :)

Im nervous.. super nervous to go back to Malaysia this time, i cant really explain to you or to myself why.

Well, the time has come, wish me luck.

Typing on my small phone, with limited internet, headache n nervousness n plenty of stuff needed to pack, so please excuse the errors n mistakes in my language.. hehe.. take care, bye!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It all started with me sitting in a bus, I don't remember who's sitting besides me but it should be someone I know. And the seats in front of me; I remember clearly who are sitting in those seats. A boy that I really like and his friend. I was so excited and I splashed some of my drinking water at him just to get his attention.And he threw some salt (what??) at me for revenge. It was so funny and I was so happy... and suddenly I saw a face that I've been missing so much these few months. He was sitting at the back seat, quite far from my place and he is just smiling while taking a peep at us. I remembered it is exactly the same look he gave to me when I had to change my bus and ended up being in the same bus with him- this happen while I was in my way back from IPDA. Omg, that very same look and smile... and it has been 4 years ever since and the memory came back to me now.. amazing. Brain never forgets things..

And we arrived at our destination which is supposed to be my Maktab. And the bus dropped some of us off and need to leave to other destinations. I was heartbroken because I know the boy is heading to another place. But I saw him just before he left and he kept disappearing and suddenly appears ...and that's how it went throughout the events.

I also saw my little sister and I was excited to introduce the boy to her and they did met but I don't think my lil sister has left a good impression, lol.

So, for some reason my maktab which I have left for a good 3 years has changed a lot and it looked like my secondary school with some of my secondary school's familiar faces. I don't like it, and I wish really hard that I haven't returned from the UK yet. And somehow I know this is just a dream and I'll wake up anytime soon and I'll be really relieved this isn't happening for real.'You're still in UK, you're still is, this is just a dream, wake up, wake up'. I tried really hard to wake up and yeah, at the end I did. But I don't feel as relieved as I thought I would be. Just another usual day to go through before I can go back to Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makhluk2 Aneh di Facebook.

It's 2 am in the morning and I'm still as fresh as a ... as a.. ? as a vegetable! pom boleh...

So, sebab saya xleh tdo, saya nak meluahkan perasaan la kat blog ni.. haha.
Caution: mix language + messed up grammar + mild content

I always try to keep my FB friend list simple and clean. means that I don't simply add people, in fact since I made my FB account I hardly add anyone else other than my classmates and my old best friends. So, for the rest of other people, it's very likely that they're the one that added me, but don't get me wrong; it's not that I'm complaining or bragging or anything, I'm just stating the fact.

So, like 70-80 % roughly that my FB friends are people that in the same age range like me, and those who are still studying and skema2 people just exactly like me.. haha. Jadi, xde la makhluk2 pelik kt FB tu. And I don't add people I don't know, freaks or spammer or people selling stuff,, shoosh2.. sorry but you're just wasting your space by adding me. But now I sometimes like to add people who like to post good ilmiah things, so I can learn something from them.

But though 80-95 % of my FB friends are 'normal' people, there are some special and 'interesting' people like:

The Critical thinking Men.

Ada la sorg mamat ni.. add sbb dia suka post benda2 baik dan kerap la memperdebat serta mengetengahkan isu2 penting but then.... he did that a little too much and it's kinda annoy me.. like satu hari ada la 20 kali dok berdebat.. x penat ke??? And certain things he raised was like... so questionable and so 'argueable' (selalunya cari pasal hal2 perempuan, haha,, u know how funny when a man talks about women but he gets things wrong? don't simply assume things about us. ok. ) sometimes, I just want to comment and ask him directly (on FB of course) tapi.. segan la plak.. (dang, but I could just PM him what? but purely to bash him not to flirt or anything, come on ler, professional kan..)

The sel-ca girls
 ... omg, I hate these species like.. urghhhhh...  u know, I don't mind people doing selca once in a while and put the pics in their albums in their page with some other pictures along. I did that too but selca with my friends la.. segan gak sorg2). But I do get very disturbed and irritated  when you put a picture of your face (which is obviously you take them by yourself, complete with make up on, hair or tudung done... in your bedroom for what?? why do u have so much time, girls???) and you post them one by one as your STATUS. Like, imagine. those series of pictures lining up on my timeline and I just keep seeing your face and your face and your face as I scrolled down,, omg..... seriously girls.. I feel like I'm going to drop comments like nuclear bombs on their page. yeah, we do like to take pretty pictures of ourselves but please don't make it tooo obvious like you really desperately want to force everyone to see it.

Status Bajet

Paling xleh tahan bila buat ayat bajet hot : "Awak tahu x ramai jer yg beratur nak kt saya ni.. "@ "kalau sy nak boyfriend, bila2 masa je boleh dapat" ect, ect just utk cakap kt boyfriend dia tu.. "TAPI.. saya suka awk sorg je tau.. " di hujung ayat. Like... what is your point? like you're so pretty and popular and stuff and your boyfriend should feel happy that you feel sorry for him and choose him? and do u have to make that status public? (ni biasa kes2 budak sekolah x matang la.)

that's it. Unfriend. habis cerita.


Xde la masalah sgt dgn golongan2 ni .. yg suka bergaya dan memperagakan fashion2 that's your business tapi,, ada sekali tu someone ni bergaya dengan sweater, dgn winter coat, siap dgn knitted scarf kt leher berbelit2, siap dgn ear muff ... aik, bila masa dia duk oversea ni? bila org komen, dia ckp oh xde kt ats bukit ni,, hujan.. sejukk.. okay,,, so much for the fashion.

Artis Facebook.

Ini isu yg agak serius. Since I don't have any students yet, any young girls on my FB are just either my cousins or my little sister's friends. So, dorg ni suka la dok like gambar2 kt Instagram yg akan naik gak kt FB. And one time, I saw them liking a pic of a boy. Artis baru ke? sbb sgt la bergaya and comel gak, haha..
so, pi la usha. pelik gak sbb followers beribu2, siap ada fan page kt FB, which is beribu2 gak like.. kt Youtube ada org siap wat video tribute utk dia..I was like.. siapa dia ni?? rupanya2 dia cuma lah seorg budak sekolah yg baru habis PMR. So? what's with the thousands and thousands of girls and gays, er I mean guys following him on FB and Instag?? Well, cuz he's cute obviously. In my opinion, he is cute BUT he is too made up. Adik, kakak kt UK pon boleh nampak bedak dan mekap kt muka tu,, please, boys never need make up.
Adoi, terpikir gak klu dah jd cikgu nnti, nak ditakdirkan salah seorg student dlm kelas I rupa-rupanya artis FB, cmne agaknya.. cikgu nak tumpang glamor sekaki ke?

These are just minority people in my FB, yang lain sume bagus2, I love most my friends on FB, either the ones that I do know and hang out in the real world, or those who I just keep in touch through FB. Most of the times, I don't really care when people are being weird or annoyed but when things just get too out of hand, I just err..eliminated them (unfriend, not kill them or anything)

I'm worried for the future generations. That's why when someone suggest to have Facebook Education alongside Sex Education, I don't take that as a joke. We seriously need it!

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