Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Memories in Auron

So... last winter trip, we went to France. To Nice, Monacco, Cannes, and Auron. Auron is the most special of all; cuz it's on top of a mountain, and it's full of snow,, though France is quite hot, generally.
Alhamdulillah, my friends finally can go skiing... we've actually made plan to ski since last 2011, we went to Scotland for that purpose, but it wasn't snowing in UK last year, (actually it was, but it was pretty late.. so.. we've missed it!)

I didn't do the 'skiing' bit cuz I was lazy.. and I'm not that interested to try. So my job while my friends went skiing : is taking pictures! (and ak jugalah ajk minuman, ajk keselamatan, ect..haha) cuz apparently, when you wear the skiing shoes, and holding the skiing stick, you're pretty much useless and can't move around that much.

Here are some short clips (really short, unfortunately..) of our memories in Auron ::::::

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