Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Break!

Hi, everyone... just a very very quick post..
We are enjoying our Easter Break at the moment,,
3 weeks off from classes/lectures, wohoo! (but not from assignments or study, apparently)

Me and my other 6 housemates, --as well as 2 special guests from other house.. =) have been planning to visit Turkey for this Easter.. and we're leaving...Tomorrow! (4th April)
We'll be around Turkey for a week, I think~ lots of places to go, lots of things to learn... it seems like an interesting place,let's hope so ;)

I'm packing my things at the moment...and I need to go back packing, I haven't finish.. hihihi..

Please pray for our safety, it's my first time taking a flight from UK (except for going back to Malaysia) and I'm quite nervous >_<.

(p/s: Today was amazing.. I'm very thankful for what happened today ^^)

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