Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Holiday

Haish..nak tulis apa2 kat sini pun dah x selesa sejak 'babun' tu jumpa blog ni.. hey, 'babun' yg mengada2! huh!

Hey, everybody... sangat2 la malas nk update blog skang ni.. but I still need to record my memories as much as possible, or else I'll forget =P

But me not updating blogs as much as I usually do is actually a good sign. It means I'm not lonely, I am busy doing something else, I'm spending more times with my friends and ect ect. so, good thing!^^

So what had happened during this Easter Break?

I went to Turkey for a week. It was fun, memorable, awesomeee experience!

Turkey is very different from UK, so being in Turkey is like being in a whole different world.

It's not very clean, the traffic is bad, the place is soo crowded, but that what make Turkey so lovely, it's so 'real', it's beautiful. Urm...get what I mean..?

the best thing is to spend happy moments with my lovelies.. ^^

Apa lagi ye... oo.. so cuti ada lagi 2 hari.. =(

and haven't done my assignments... haish, malasnya.. boleh x diaorg buat assignments yang menarik sikit??
Can't wait to go back to Malaysia and bercuti!! but before that I have sooo many things to do I think I can pass out just thinking about it. ~~~~Stress. =(

miss u Turkey >_<

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