Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Butterfly fly away~

I'm scared of you, i really am.

Next time if someone wish to be a part of my life,

i should prepare a document with a list;

Name: Faiqah

Sorry, but this girl is a bit crazy, shows little emotion in real life but can be very emotional in writings and texting. So, she might be goofy and silly when writing to you, but IRL she's so quiet.
sometimes is confident but feeling insecure most of the time.
always dream of dating a bad boy, but cries easily when a boy scolds her. so, guess she should find a super nice guy instead, haha. >_<.

if she likes a boy, she'll treat him like hell.
if she treats a guy nicely, then he's merely a friend.

so, if she's being bad to you, it's not that she hates you, it's totally the opposite!!

she likes


she hates


she can be annoying, clingy, irritating, a mess.. but that's only happen when she's feeling insecure.
she can be your bestest friend if only you could accept her in your life.


 okay, i'm just being random here.


 I'm tired of living up to people's expectation!!!

I'm tired of trying to be nice to people who treats me like craps.

yes, we get to know somebody slowly through being friends.

but this process is killing me!

i wish i could give you a 'descriptions about me' beforehand so you can either; like it or leave it. it's that simple.

i feel as if you're judging me, expecting me to be all nice and perfect. I'm not allowed to break down, not allowed to be annoying, i'm not allowed to be ME........


I'm just a kid, you should know better.

show me that not all guys are bad.


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