Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lost in London.

Hello everyone... I'm so sleepy but I'm waiting for Subuh.. nowadays Subuh is around 2.30 am. It's so hard to decide whether we should sleep before or after Subuh.. I know it's not good to sleep after Subuh, but what if it's 2.30 am in the morning???

So, maybe I should kill some time by writing something in this blog.

lots of interesting things happened lately. Mybe I should talk about what happened in London recently....

so, yep, I went to London again for the 100th time (jk).. due to a misunderstanding, I ended up going to London for no specific purpose, lol.

I went there with my friend, meet up with my seniors and her fiance.. walked around London, went to Malaysian Hall to eat rice (expensive but worth it!), get on the tubes, get off the tubes, walked and walked...

What am I trying to say here?? lol, so, at one occasion, I was actually lost for a few hours while I'm in London.
I was with my friends in the tube (London underground train, whatever it's called) and we're heading to Bayswater to eat at Subway. The train was packed with people when we got in, and I kinda lost my friends in the train, lol. At first they were standing in front of me, but then a few big people went in and blocked me. I wasn't worried that much, cuz I know I was supposed to get off when it reached Bayswater, so I listen attentively to the announcement. And I remember my friend told me that it's going to be the 4th stops. So, I counted and at the fourth stop, it did sounded as if the announcer was saying Bayswater. (which is actually NOT)

I had to 'fight' to get out of the train, imagine with all those big people... geezzz... at last I manage to jump out of the train, feeling so successful.. ^_^... until I saw my friends was still sitting in the train, showing no sign that they are trying to get off at all. O crap.

I went out at the wrong time! There are still seconds left before the door closed, but ....because I'm a cool person, I'm not gonna embarrassed myself by jumping back into the train after struggling very hard to get out. That's so not cool... so, I just watched the train passed me by, and my friends... they didn't even realized what had happened.. haha.. ah, screwed up, never mind... I'll just find some place to sit and studied the subway map, haha.

FYI, though I've been to London a lot, use the tube a lot, but I have zero knowledge on how this underground trains work. 
 So, I'm alone, I'm lost, I can't call my friends (no line in underground), and they didn't even know when I went off the train, I don't know which train should I pick to go to Bayswater... so there I was, in the underground, dark, creepy, with a few people around me.. of course I can ask, but I normally don't ask for help, I'll try to figure out the things myself, lol.

It was quite intense, cuz afterwards, we will need to get the bus to Portsmouth at 8.30 and it was already 7 and I was still unsure where to go. So, I studied the map and ooh, now I understand how this things work.. there are several lines; victoria lines, circle line, district line, and we need to change trains to get on different lines.. ah, I see...lol, after two years, now I can finally understand it!

So, a train came.. and well, just get on this one.. and I remember getting off, getting on, change train, counting for stops and haha, and voila; I finally reached Bayswater!. Omg, I am so proud of myself and my 'firasat', yes, I use my 'heart' more than my brain. I cannot trust my brain, especially when it comes to reading maps. totally helpless.

So, I went in the Subway and saw my friends queuing up to buy breads. But they're totally happy to see me, I can see from their looks and their expressions, lol. ok, there's no need to panic, everything's fine. ^^
I was freaking out a bit when I lost, but actually getting lost in London is not as dangerous as getting lost in KL, for example... London is fairly safe, if I was lost in KL... haha.. I might get kidnapped and sold already... see how bad the safety issues in Malaysia.. haish~

yeah, so that was it.. 
peace and out!


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