Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbye ENGLAND!

Assalamualaikum n hii..
Last post written from the uk.. :')
Im going home tomorrow, 12pm UK time insyaAllah..

We went out to Commercial Road for the last shopping trip n lots of wonderful things happen..

I met a bunch of lovely and helpful people and im gonna miss their kindness towards strangers, something we dont hv enough in Malaysia.

oh, and i met a Malysian uncle in the street n he came here with his wife and children. He said he was uni of Portsmouth ex students in the 70s n now he came back!.. i secretly wish i could do the same someday.. aaminn..

I am a very shy with strangers and i always look down when walking outside but when i look up lots of people were smiling at me. Im missing these smiles all this while? The world is beautiful, look up :)

Im nervous.. super nervous to go back to Malaysia this time, i cant really explain to you or to myself why.

Well, the time has come, wish me luck.

Typing on my small phone, with limited internet, headache n nervousness n plenty of stuff needed to pack, so please excuse the errors n mistakes in my language.. hehe.. take care, bye!

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