Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It all started with me sitting in a bus, I don't remember who's sitting besides me but it should be someone I know. And the seats in front of me; I remember clearly who are sitting in those seats. A boy that I really like and his friend. I was so excited and I splashed some of my drinking water at him just to get his attention.And he threw some salt (what??) at me for revenge. It was so funny and I was so happy... and suddenly I saw a face that I've been missing so much these few months. He was sitting at the back seat, quite far from my place and he is just smiling while taking a peep at us. I remembered it is exactly the same look he gave to me when I had to change my bus and ended up being in the same bus with him- this happen while I was in my way back from IPDA. Omg, that very same look and smile... and it has been 4 years ever since and the memory came back to me now.. amazing. Brain never forgets things..

And we arrived at our destination which is supposed to be my Maktab. And the bus dropped some of us off and need to leave to other destinations. I was heartbroken because I know the boy is heading to another place. But I saw him just before he left and he kept disappearing and suddenly appears ...and that's how it went throughout the events.

I also saw my little sister and I was excited to introduce the boy to her and they did met but I don't think my lil sister has left a good impression, lol.

So, for some reason my maktab which I have left for a good 3 years has changed a lot and it looked like my secondary school with some of my secondary school's familiar faces. I don't like it, and I wish really hard that I haven't returned from the UK yet. And somehow I know this is just a dream and I'll wake up anytime soon and I'll be really relieved this isn't happening for real.'You're still in UK, you're still is, this is just a dream, wake up, wake up'. I tried really hard to wake up and yeah, at the end I did. But I don't feel as relieved as I thought I would be. Just another usual day to go through before I can go back to Malaysia.

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