Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sperm Bank.

I don't like babies. No, I like babies, but babies hate me, lol. Sometimes I get annoyed when people (especially girls) get all freak out when they see a cute baby. What's the big deal?? Everyone is cute when they're babies. But although I'm evil and I look like I like to eat babies but I still want to have kids to look after me, and give me money when I'm old. Quite a selfish thought, but it's partly true..hehe.

I have a friend in Netherlands and we always talk through emails. I told her that I want to have children (in the future) but don't think that I want to have husband. I was really joking, I didn't mean that, obviously. 

Then she told me it's possible 0-o. She herself was made that way. She told me that her mother wanted a child but did not want to get married, so she asked her male friend to donate sperm and after some process in the hospital, her mother got pregnant and give birth to her. Sometimes she feels sad that she doesn't have a 'normal' family, but at least she knows that her mom really wants her and is willing to go to that length to have her.

I told her that it's not weird or wrong at all for people to do that. p/s: I have to take care her feelings. Love have no boundaries. Technically, the man is still her father and at least she got to see him once in a while and know him. It's better than having a random donor as your father. But, still, I think it might be a little awkward 0_0~

Well, I know the right way for us, Muslim, is to go for adoption instead of to the sperm bank and withdraw some sperms. Imagine if..let's say, 20 couples went to the bank and get the same sperms (from one man), so wouldn't it be that all the babies born will be half sisters and half brothers?? But childless couple in foreign countries wouldn't mind using this method as long as they can have their own babies.

Well, some people need to pay a very high price to get children and we know that a child is God's precious gift to us.... So..yeah. I really don't know any nice or perfect words to wrap up this entry.. this is pretty random =_='

k, take care^^

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