Friday, August 26, 2011

♒ I'm Alive and Kicking!! ♒


I don't know how to write fancy introduction, so I'm juz gonna skip to the (not-so)important parts. hehe.

When I woke up today,  I had a major tummy pain and had to walk around the house, crouching like a gorilla. I don't know what's the cause of it but I think this is God's punishment for me- yesterday my third sister had a major tummy pain and she had to walk around the house like a gorilla and I was laughing and teasing her, and now I know exactly how she feels.. oooOOOOoo

And I still have that annoying acne/pimple problems (!!!) even though I've been trying to put oatmeal on my face -as suggested by bubzbeauty on Youtube- and yet, they still won't go away! a few days ago, I had a pimple right on the center of my nose, and it's red and painful and it sorta make me look like a clown. Thank God it's healed now. Sadly, I think I shall still be fighting pimples until I reach 60.


Lots of things had happened in the past few months even though I'm just literally lying around doing nothing at home. We just had a major internet crisis a few days ago where we couldn't connect to the internet AT ALL. I think me and my sisters are gradually becoming crazy for that reason, since internet is our only source of entertainment, and I couldn't bear to watch 'great' shows on TV like Ana Lu'Lu or You Saka (...) because they are sooo 'great' that I think I'm gonna puke. I even took out my '100-years old and broken' ACER laptop to watch my super duper old videos. Sniff~ We were that desperate =_="

But luckily our internet problem has been resolved, and now they're as good as new! yayiyay! =D 

 My Catssss!!

When I left Malaysia a year ago, we only had 2 cats, now we have a new member! She's pretty, she's clean, she's the most adorable cat in my house and she hates me, verry verry much, hahahahaaha!
I think she hates me because I like to hug her reaaal tight and took her ugly pictures like this one:

Puhahaha.. omg, she's sooo totally gonna hate me for putting this up, oh well, you're too cute!! Nyaa~!

She also has an older brother, which I don't fancy much but he's quite unique too. He has the biggest face I ever see for a cat and he likes to look at me with eyes 3/4 open with his humongous nose, and he kinda reminds me of Doraemon


Yeah, so we're gonna celebrate Hari Raya in just a few days, but my family have the worst Raya preparation ever. I think it's mainly because everyone is busy doing their own thing.. my sister is busy with her trial exams, my other sister is busy with her university stuff, and my mom is busy helping her and I'm busy watching them being busy.

 Going back!!

I'll return to UK in around two weeks and.. IDK.. part of me want to continue my exciting adventures in UK and the other part just wanna stay home forever.I love being at home, I wasn't bored not even for a second. Home is the bestest place to be, right?

*Re-read my post*

O-m-g, this is terrible. It's all about me and Faiqah and Faiqah. WhatcanIdo...I just MISS the joy of blogging and telling random stuff and now I'm writing nonsense things, again.
Ah well, I supposed I should be wishing everyone "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin" now, right? But, nay.. that would be too Cliché.. lol..

 Juz kidding, 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin
 have a blast, everyone! ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶

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