Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saya penat =(

Baru 2 minggu start belajar,  ak sudah separuh mati hidup dengan jadual baru...

 maybe cuz this is my first time going to classes at 9 everyday..
Nobody wants to go out at 9 in the morning.  Not in winter!
it's always negative something out there -the weather. mm..really bad.

and I have to go through the cold air everyday walking to class..

I'm tired.. bored..

You know what I miss most ?

I miss M!

I miss Malaysia.

I miss the warm Matahari.

dah bosan kat sini.

Saya rindu bunyi ayam berkokok di subuh hari..
Saya rindu bunyi azan dari masjid
saya rindu dikelilingi orang2 Melayu.
Those familiar faces..

Setiap kali stalk Facebook kawan2 or junior2 dekat IPDA,
I'm jealous!
I think they're having more fun than us..
buat aktiviti dekat tasik, berkhemah, pergi sekolah2.
we don't have all that here.

me and my classmates..
it seems like we're miles and miles apart.
we only meet each other a few hours everyday, in class.
and we don't actually hve much time to chat.

I miss us.
I miss the time in IPDA.
I miss being with them everyday, doing fun stuff.
I miss everything. Don't know why.
I just feel like missing every 'little thing' I used to have.

this is not homesick. this is 'country'sick,lol.
I miss the whole Malaysia
and the memories I left there.

ironically, I'm deactivating Facebook cuz I need a rest from 'you'.

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