Saturday, October 22, 2011

Printing story---❤

I was rushing cuz I've to print out some stuff for Nick's class. Everyone else has got it printed out since last week but I only print it 10 minutes before the class started tehee..

When I went to the printer, my paper haven't came out and i was mad and panicked and theres 5 minutes till the class started and i'm in the basement and nick's class is at the third floor but this stupid printer havent print my paper out yet, so yeahhhhh...things are pretty hectic at that moment.

So when i took a look, all the 4 printers are printing papers belong to a same person, and i was like ,,whattt?? who dares to conquer all the printers?? and i looked at the name on the papers and it says, "Takeshi Oya",, eeeeeeeeeeeeeep a Japanese boy, o my lucky day!

While i was dreaming and floating around all by myself (mmm..dork) I accidentally bummed on someone and step on his foot, and he quickly said, "Sorry, sorry!" I was like, yeah, you should be, you made me bummed on you and step on 'your' foot.. yeah, you should apologize... and I looked at him and only saw his shirt cuz he's mad tall.and I looked up higher and saw his face, oh my what a gud lookin boy~
and he took all the papers that wrote 'Takeshi Oya' on it,, no way!!

So that's the end of the story and on Monday, I 'think' I saw him again, I'm not sure but I think that's him,, cuz he looks like he just came out from "Superdry Store", --the shirt, the shoes, the bag and evrything... so Japanese-- and I realize Sanak was mesmerized by him and I boasted at her saying that "Hey,I know that boy, his name is Takeshi Oya and he spoke to me =)) but what I did is... I stepped on his foot. he he he. so romantic right?nope o___o

p/s: Bumping into a Japanese boy (the cute one) in Park Building 
is so rare that's why I'm freakin out,'s nothing really.

aahh.. Park Building... where all the exciting things happen...


Herlisyatt said...

then its okay la printer stuck bagai. HAHAHHA :P

xox Faiqah xox said...

itulah..hikmah kejadian...hehe

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃