Sunday, October 16, 2011

My plushie plushie project :D

Actually it started when I watched videos of people making plush on Youtube.

It looks easy, so I tried to do it myself. Using recycled stuff;  
old t-shirts, handkerchief, pants ect,ect..
my mom was a bit discouraging at first, considering how much t-shirts have I destroyed for that purpose..hehe

But the end result is so pretty that she was amazed by
my not-so-good sewing skill.

As soon as I got back to UK, I immediately search for the nearest fabric store available
and bought some felt fabrics, needles, threads and toy stuffing.

During those dark times where internet was still unavailable in my house,
I spent my time sewing; just like girls in ancient time

and here are some that I made;

the first one born, I gave it to Wani :)

second one! gave it to Nazihah,,

third, will gave it to someone special (wink wink*)

a marshmallow-!, will also give it away if someone wants it ;)

a donut. lol

a half-bitten apple. or at least what it should be.0_< ;

this one supposed to be a glass of water, lol.

this one actually has a purpose, a cellphone holder =)
(oh btw, that's a real phone, not a plushie.)

a shoulder bag, front and back view
but still need more designs I think.

These plushies are made for fun, 
 my friends suggest me to sell them but honestly, I'm too lazy to do a business, lol.
--too lazy to study too. =_=


selipar biru said...


Nurul muslimaH said...

comeinyaaaa! >.< nak gak!! huhu. *meminta tanpa segan silu*

xox Faiqah xox said...

wah wah... byknya permintaan.. mybe beta ptt bukak bisnes,,,he3...
gurau jer... esk beta bwk utk korg,,^^

Qarinah Muizzah said...

Faiqah, biaq aku jadi manager hang!! Wahahahha.

Herlisyatt said...

na satu :P hihihi

Hayat Yahya (naNo) said...

comel lah faiqah..haha

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃