Monday, October 31, 2011

L , L and L.

So,I went to London hoping I could meet L cuz I've been missing him soo much lately... and yeah, I really did find him! I meet a blonde L and chibi L and emo L, lol,, they're all so cute

blonde L! he's so much like L, barefoot, the mask and evrything~~  he's the sweetest, he even give us he's really a sweet guy~

 uwaaa~~!! lolly from L!! ahh I shall frame it and hang it on my wall
Emo L? he's so cute and saaaad ~awww <3  

 My fav chibi L!!

hes so cute! (well, hope its a 'he', i dont wanna be an accidental lesbian again T_T) n why on earth am I not smiling??? I was probably planning a "Guys, let's kidnap L" in my head.

sigh~  L !!!!!!!! you can so tell I'm obsessed with this freak...

haha.. but my L is still the cutest, I gave his 'brother's' lolly to him

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