Thursday, October 27, 2011

...Nao x Akiyama...

I miss watching something as good and brilliant and amazing and ... (insert more praise words here) as Liar Game ....aaaAAAAaaaaa I love that drama so much~

-the only drama that got me hooked on- I seriously cant stop watching
- and finished the first season in one day-
and never do that to other dramas before--

 ...mybe because I like Nao and Akiyama pairing so much,,

I like the hero whose quiet and cool and clever and strong (but not stupid)
and I like the heroin whose kind, pretty, and innocence (but not stupid)

too bad there arent so many that type of couple out there in dramas,
only stupid boy, stupid girl and what they did is fight fight n fall in love, bleh~

omg, i loooooovee them!!!!!!!!

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