Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interesting Things I found on eBay.

Favorite past time: Window shopping on eBay. (note: window shopping)

and found some pretty interesting items like:

1. if the texts you're reading too small:

2. if you're too lazy to hold your book while reading:

3. If you want to read before bed and too lazy to switch the light on and off:

4 If you want to experience playing with fake snow :

 5. If you want to keep a moon in your room:

 6. There are also several witches on eBay selling Jinn and a ring that can grant wishes..

 7. Also if you like paranormal things you can buy a haunted doll from eBay:

* look how many bids that doll got..

Just a fraction of eBay randomness...  ^_^

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