Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scary movies not that scary.

Found this in my backyard..  haha nope. If this is real, I'll be making news! This is just something they build for Harry Potter movies, I went to Harry Potter studio last month in London and they show stuff they used in all Harry Potter movies. I'm never a fan of HP btw but I'm considering to buy all the books cuz I think the books are just more awesome than movies. They always do.

It's 1.36 am now and I just can't sleep. I have problem to sleep early lately and since Fajr prayer is soo early nowadays-- (2.30 am!) I develop this routine to sleep after 3 am and wake up 3 pm the next day. haha.. 'someone' always nag me for this. 

and yep I miss u blog! and since I don't have any assignments left now, I miss typing and making essays, lol, I really do, I know, weird but I do.

 and since we only have less than two months to go home, that's make me even nervous and anxious and er...what to expect and what to prepare to go home. I don't wanna think about it. not now :p

(Probably those who are kind enough to read this might be wondering now what the title and the picture have anything to do with me rambling about going home,, haha. )

A few days ago my friend suggested me to watch this scary/horror/ghost (idk) movie, and I did. I was a bit nervous (I don't always nervous about watching ghost movie alone btw) cuz the way he told me about this movie is a bit weird. I mean, he seems really scared, like .. something happen when they watched that movie.. and I was like.. a group of boys (or men considered their age) watched a horror movie together and still got scared and my friend even forced himself to fall asleep before the movie even ended (he told me he was too sleepy, yeah right) I think this might be a good one!

And I watched it, in midnight. alone in my room. and skipped quite a lot of parts (not because they're scary but because they're boring) and whattttt... you called this scary??
my friend was even surprised when I told him I've finished watching the movie till the very end.. and I even give the ending story to confirm (which he is unable to confirm cuz he slept halfway) and he was like.. seriously??? and i was like.. of course....what is wrongg with you????lol

 this is the movie btw, it's not ghost but more of a possessing spirit 

The scariest movie I ever watched (which is still not that scary) is Shutter. 

 I think a lot of scary movies I watched are trying too much to be scary which resulted them not being scary at all.

 and I'm sorry for this so insignificant post but I'm waiting for me to fall asleep, lol, bye. 


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