Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi y'all,

I should be sleeping because I got classes tomorrow morning but I really miss my baby bloggie he he he
anyways~ I just went back from London! I never thought I could say that during this critical situation; when my money is equivalent to zero ($ = 0), but we weren't just going there to have fun, we actually went for a 2-days programme with our Malaysian brothers and sisters. It's called 'SH' aka 'Syahadatul Haq', I think I like this one better than PMS- I don't know why, maybe because it's more relaxed..? he he

I feel lucky being in UK and get to experience the life of being Muslim here. I like seeing the Malaysian students here, so wonderful,  organizing all kind of great programmes for juniors. I really like all the 'kakak-kakak usrah there, they're so beautiful, smart and sooo kind to us! Their parents must be soo proud of them.. balik Malaysia nanti mesti ramai nak masuk meminang... huhu jeles~MyEm0.Com

This is my first time going to London, to Finsbury Park! Actually, not really... I've been there twice, (when I first came to UK and when I went to Sheffield) but I only went to London to change trains ect~ so this is officially my first time going out to London streets, omg!
Well, for me London is....MyEm0.Com :  Soo Busy, People over there walk so fast, so many cars, so many people, dirty with rubbish, vandalism (goodness), lots of big and old building (they're pretty!), lots of Halal food (yay), lots of Muslim, very confusing roads~ idk, I can't tell a lot right now, coz I've been there only for 2 days and we don't really go to a lot of places.. just wandering around the Muslim Welfare House, at the Finsbury.
What we bought in London? Me- KFC, Nazihah- handbag, Mimi- shower scrubber MyEm0.Com Well, it suits our budgets~ lolz

I don't have any pics of London to put here, cuz I left my camera.. oopsie, hi3.. but I pretty much sure this is not our last trip to London, I have a list of dream places to go there- Madame Tussauds, Kengsinton Garden, London Bridge, ect, ect~ btw, it's just London, meh~ very near, just 2 hour journey from Portsmouth. If we have money, we can go there every week!

The most memorable place we went in London, halal KFC !

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