Sunday, February 20, 2011

~I like Malaysian Youtubers~

Lately there are so many cool Youtubers from Malaysia- making super cool and super funny videos..before this I just like to watch videos made by 'international Youtubers', like Nigahiga, Charlieissocoollike, and.. erm.. ermm.. okay, just those two. I don't really like video-log-kind-of video but I prefer to watch people doing cover of songs,,

 The most well known these days , of course la IniAnwar Hadi...

I never heard of him before, I just saw one of my friends liking his page on Facebook, so I tried to stalk him, (lalala~ I love stalking people, lol) and I was shocked because there are 'lemons and lemons' of fans (beribu-biru la maksudnya..)on his page.  
 [But I think his videos are just quite ordinary nothing special at all so why is he so famous???]
Anyway, his English is superb! I am so jealous.. and he's a TESL student like me but I can't even sound half as good as him.. and he's still studying in Malaysia at this time! Blom pi oversea lagi pon dah terer cakap omputih... and me??? I've been living here for months but nak cakap English dengan budak umur 4 tahun pon, dok 'aaa..', 'errrr..',, 'uukkk..'.. adoii~

He is now in Sydney, Australia.. He's also from Maktab.. (IPP.Pinang?)  So, I guess we might have met during our Language Camp 2 years ago. So, he's  future teacher too la.. but teaching primary schools.. oh, I'm jealous! Anyway, like other TESL students, he will be studying in oversea (in his case, it's in Australia) for like 2 and 1/2 years (not sure). Mmm well, Happy Studying and suffering!

but my favourite... +and Sanak's favourite (!)... is Matluthfi90!!

So cute!!!!! OMg, ak rasa dia mmg sesuai la dengan hang, Sanak (eh tetiba..). I like him better than AnwarHadi.. dia lagi natural, lawak and selamber badak+kanggaroo.. semualah~! I think he's also an oversea student.. Australia, maybe?


I like watching Malaysian students yg dok overseas buat video.. nampak best jer duk, tp ak rasa ak pon macam duk oversea jugak?? nape x rasa se-best macam diorang?? T_T

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