Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bye-Bye Cute School.

Last week was a goodbye week to my primary school, Brading School. I am so sad!!Waa.. I wish I can stay at that school for the rest of this semester. I don't wanna go to other schools. I'm sure gonna miss this school a lot!. I thought that we're going to another primary school for next sem but the senior told me there won't be a visit to primary schools anymore. There will be only high schools or middle schools after this.. what??!! This is so-not fun.

I really like Brading school. The kids are so nice and friendly. On the last day, we gave each of them a Malaysian flag- made with paper and straw- and they were all smiling and waving the flags.. OMG, I am so touched! And one day, we gave them a little presentation about Malaysia, they are all so amazed to see how pretty Malaysia looks like (Well, of course, because we showed them a 'Cuti-Cuti Malaysia' video) the kids and the teachers were all like;
"Is it like heaven over there???"
hahaha.. I wish....=_=

The school is special because it's almost hundred years old. And it's a church school. Before they went to canteen for lunch, they will sing their prayer together;

Thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for the water we drink,
thank you for the air we breathe..

Something like that,lol...I think that's so sweet. How many Malaysian schools do that these days? Reciting prayer together before going out to the canteen. And every Wednesday, they will have class assembly. The teacher will put a Christian cross in the middle and the children will sit around it and they will have like 'a confession session'. This is where the children tell how they feel and their problems, if they have any. The headteacher and their homeroom teacher will talk to them even though it's just a silly little things like "My friends told me that I just like to play with Jack" or "My sister like to make noise at home" and ect, ect..

On the last day, I went to the playground during the break time. I just peeping from the little fences and watched them play. Then, some little kids saw me and came to me and asked if I wanna play along. Omg, I feel like a 12 year old, lol. I feel so 'young' playing Hide and Seek, and Throw and Catch ball' with them, although I am in fact - a 20 years old grandma. 

It's hard to say goodbye.. wuwuu.. I'm so gonna miss Aidan, Liam, Hannah, Teddy, Maria, Melody, Niall and the rest, and also the little2 kids from Reception class.. and not to forget their teacher, Mrs Burt, she's the nicest teacher I've ever met! It just so hard to look at their face and realizing that we might never meet again..oh~

I hope you guys grow up well and be a good person...
and don't become 'wild monsters' like some kids I know in Harry Law~ uhuk2x...

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