Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cute School!

Hi, I feel like it's been ages since I last write in this blog... A lot of things has happened in just within this 2 weeks, I'm balancing my life, my works, my dreams and my future... I'm seriously in a mess right now.. well, whatever, I just wanna share one of the coolest thing that happened to me- School Experience!!

I never expected school experience will happen this fast! We already need to go to school on the very first week! I already went for a school visit in UK once, and trust me, it's not a very pleasant experience. I don't know what's wrong with the children here =_=

Our first task is to go to a primary school, every Wednesday, for 3 weeks. So, my school is Brading Church England Primary (Brading CE Primary) school, located in Isle of Wight! I was surprised when I opened my envelope, there's hovercraft tickets in it. Looks like my school is in another island and I have to take hovercraft to go!

It's quite fun when you think about it,

1.wake up very early in the morning, 
  2. take taxi to hovercraft,
    3. take hovercraft, 
      4. and take taxi again,

and finally, here we are, the school!

Okay, the pictures I took is crappy.. lol, too bad we can't take the kid's pictures- it's sort of a school policy- The school is really pretty! It's really small and old (about 100 years old) but it's really a cool school! First I was a bit scared of the children- due to my previous experience- but they seems to be okay, they're really nice, the teachers are nice too.. maybe because this is a 'kampung school' so the people are nicer to us.

I'm going to tell a lot more about this school, next Wed will be the last day we're going to this school, till then, bye-bye!

~Isle Of Wight~

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