Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Silly Me.

Last 2 days was Mimi's birthday, (Happy B-day Mimi!!MyEm0.Com), so we have a little party at Langstone to celebrate her birthday. We got her a really cool cake;

tadaaa~ yeah, we copy and paste Mimi's face on the cake.

I slept in Nazihah's place and we both have early classes the next day, at 9 freaking am. We woke up late and I didn't have time to shower and, I really don't wanna die in the freezing bathroom~lolMyEm0.Com, so I just washed my face, wore back my yesterday's clothes and rushed to catch the bus, Nazihah fell sick- because we almost freezing to death last night- so she couldn't come to class. And I was so so so sleepy during Susan's classMyEm0.Com, I just wanna go back to my room, shower and sleep. But I have classes for 4 hours non-stop o_0 (Tuesday is a horrible day for me!)

After the second class, I have to run to the next building to attend the third class. It was raining outside, and the place was crowded with people. I tried to squeeze in because I was already late, then, the most embarrassing thing happenedMyEm0.Com. Why on earth do I have to bump into Park Building's "most gorgeous boy" at that time??!! Why? why? why do I suddenly met him when I looked like-I just jump out of bed, sleepy face, no shower, no make ups, wearing yesterday's clothes, and with my glasses all fogged up because of the rain. omg, seriously, how more dumb can I look? MyEm0.Com

And he was right there standing, in front of me.. as ♥gorgeous♥ as ever.. (kyaa~!!) and a bit annoyed because he couldn't get through the it was like a 'battle' in front of Park building's entrance door- the people inside wanted to go out, the people outside wanted to go in... we all look like penguins, seriously~

Sigh~He's soo cute!MyEm0.Com, and I'm so laame! I wish he didn't see me at that time, but he did. wuwuu.. this is not romantic at all! I feel so sorry for myself. So much for Faiqah's imaginary love story..bleh~

Moral of the story: Don't wear glasses on rainy day, you might bump into your secret crush while looking like a total geek.

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