Friday, November 19, 2010

Learn a Bad Word a Day!


*True situations*

One night, I heard noises from outside of my window,
I took a peep and saw a bunch of people,
shouting and laughing at other people upstairs.

"Fook off, you b*tch!"
"You fook off!!"
"You suck my d*ck, you nig*a!!"
"Go to hell!!"
then someone else shouted," Shut the fook up!!"

and more and more noises they made
until they eventually got tired and went back to their room.

My corridor mates : :
Sometimes they went out and only came back at 2,3 am in the morning
chatting and laughing at the corridor, making noises
Until someone has to get up and tell them to go to sleep,
It will usually involve a lil bit of 'fights'.

"Can you guys go to bed now? Stop making noises, people are sleeping.
blah, blah~"
"well, at least I don't go around making f*cking noises along the corridors!"
" oh, really? So you don't really f*cking care, do you? You motha-a*s"
and more and more cursing and swearing until they're all tired,
apologize to one another and went to sleep.

When you're living in a small building
with a bunch of so-called 'cool' teenagers,
you'll learn lots of interesting things.
and hear some pretty interesting 'stuff' too.

In classes I learn proper British English,
grammar, lexical semantics, sociolinguistics, syntax, ect, ect
Back in my hall, I learn UK teen slang, 'types' of cursing,  
new swear words everyday,'a lexicon of teen speak' ect, ect~
which is quite interesting to explore actually.

F*ck, b*itch, ni*ga, d*ck, tw*t, pr*ck are 
 common bad words, even when I'm still in Malaysia,
I've already aware of these words ( blame it on Youtube!)
but what about these expressions?

: : popped their cherry
: : jacking off
: : wanking, wanker
: : beat the meat
: : snatch
: : teabag
: : beaver
: : crackhead
: : bagsied

 source: uk's tv

Sometimes, words that are not originally a bad thing (cherry, beaver..ect,ect.)
can have very 'shocking' definitions in UK teenage slang.
Watch UK teen dramas with uncensored language.
It seems like the society has accepted that,
this is the way their 'normal' teenagers speak.
 It's really interesting though, to see how language changes through generations.
Question: Is it really, really necessary to know bad words?? gross!
 Me: No. But it might come in handy if you're walking down the streets (particularly in UK)
and someone greets you and say
"Hey, nice 'cherry' you have there!"
and you smile back and say,"Thank you". ....Awkward~!
( Unless you really are, carrying a cherry, then, it won't be a big deal.)

by-that-Study-Skill's-assignment~ gosh!!


CaraLov3 said...

dahahaha !
i think we shud know some of the bad words.. well.. at least know their meanings n how to use them
unlike some of our malay teens who keep using the F word but they dont really know what is it mean..
some people use that cuz they think that makes them cool 0.o
for me.. i dont really mind when ppl use bad words but mind the place n situation duhhh

xox Faiqah xox said...

hari tu ak prgi school visit kat UK ni, budak2 sekolah yg kcik2 pon tau guna bahasa cmni.. ishk22.. time kat dewan, bila pengetua dia announce winner utk satu contest ni, trus sorg budak ni jerit, "what the hell??!!".. mak oii..trkejut ak.. kalo kat Malaysia buat cmni, dh sah2 kena penampo hang Jebat ni.. haha

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃