Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot♥mess and Misfits~!


Warning: As appears on the opening of the video, this clip contains absolutely strong and inappropriate language that may offend young children or those with soft, angelic heart condition who have never been exposed to UK teenage language. So don't watch this video if you fall into any of these categories or it may upset you.


So sorry that my boy has such a 'dirty' mouth lol!
pffft.. big deal, I've heard a lot worse in Harry's hallway though~
Remember not to use these kind of words in your essays,
or it will send your English teacher straight to heaven, God bless~
aww..poor baby... he looks so lost back then..
like a strayed homeless puppy...confused and absurd in his own way..
Gosh~he's such a hot mess!.. hahaha~

 I like this evil+twisted+funny+sick+hella cute guy!!!!

isss currently obsessed with British live action superhero drama, Misfits
though the language is a pain to hear, but it's the only story that makes me laugh like yeah'
and if a show can make me laugh, then it must be really really absolutely funny, trust me on this one

and the shooting locations are mostly in South east London.. 
man, I misread it at first and thought it was South east 'England'
got me almost jumped off the window, thinking that they could have came down to Portsmouth =_=
cehh~ macam la Portsmouth ni glamour sangat~ bleh masuk TV

Got to finish this cruel assignment quick!
I wanna watch the whole episodes!!

The sentences below are out of context.. just ignore~

Apologizing for putting nonsensical posts and writing nonsensical things
I just have to get away from the pressure of the evil assignment my head is spinning around and
I think I'm gonna blow up if I can't find any things to distract me for a while
hamsters, bunnies, cute boys.. things that will  usually works for me omigosh am I that
sick??? whatever~
used to have a roommate to go 'crazy' together
but now I'm all alone in this nonsensical building
  and only have this blog to talk to
so.. don't mind if I do
I really really hate working on my brain, sick!!
oh well, back to assignment............
if you haven't heard from me in the next few days
I've probably lying dead after working on the essays...

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