Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Eve!

 Imran: You know It's our Eid day today...
Amy and Jay: Oh, really??can we celebrate, can we celebrate??! (dengan excited giler ni)
Imran: (... ) well.. we don't actually do any particular stuff on that day.. no parties or anything.. just spending time with family.. bla bla~
Amy and Jay: oo.. oh, well, happy Eve! happy Eve!

me: lol~

Upon hearing the words 'Happy Eve', then I just remembered that it's Aidiladha day they're talking about. Imran had been reminding me a lot about this day. Asking me if I wanna join him and his friends hanging out,  watching movies or stuff.. I guess.. that's how they celebrate Aidiladha here? "Don't worry, they're not like these guys... they're girls wearing headscarf, just like you," oh, ok.. I don't really mind, lol..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, friends.. and Mi and Lin kat rumah... and Atin yg kena raya kat perantauan jugak..he3... ah.. suddenly remember how on this special day, people are coming over to our house sending meat until my mom complains how 'nazak' our small fridge is..haha..and we will be eating a lot and a lot of meat for weeks... and we'll sit together making 'sambal daging'...delicious!
but now, I can only recall back those memories from my mind =) oh, well~ it's the spirit that matter.

mmm...........back to assignment.....=(

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