Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anna Blue.


Anna Blue is sooooooo cool!!
and the fact that the song is in German
makes it zillion times cooler!
They have English and Spanish version as well,
but they sound like *bleh~

Who's Anna Blue?
I don't know who she is,
no one knows who she is,
She never shows her real face,
She just want people to 'listen' to her.
(That's so cool isn't it??)

Anna Blue

Talking about German........
I skipped German class again...he3.. for the third time~!!
omigosh!! Sorry Antonia... I really, really love your class but..
9 am is a bit toooo early..(bull-crap excuse) and I always purposely overslept, so sorry..
I promise I gonna take one whole day studying German to make up for that~
-taking this class for fun, but still have to sit for exams as well... verdammt!

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