Monday, November 1, 2010

My hamster has gone to Heaven

alahai karpet...

Just find out that,
My last hamster
 has died.
Maybe that's why I'm feeling a lil bit upset this morning..

The same thing when my first pet hamster;
Yuuri-chan died,
the night before my mum told me the news,
I can't stop myself thinking about him..
I can't wait for the next holliday,
cuz I wanna go home and played with him again..
I've only known him for 3 weeks,
But he's the smartest and funniest hamster I've ever known,

After he dies,
I cried every night in my sleeps for 2 weeks
for I'm very very sad, and feel very very guilty,
Yuuri chan loves to go out of his cage,
but no one wants to look after him,
I blamed myself, I should have bought the hamster ball for him,
so, he could freely runs everywhere in the house.

At least Yuuri chan died of old age,
unlike Bulu, my cutest hamster.
the one that I love most after Yuuri.
He disappeared one day, and never return home again.
Also happened when I'm away from home.

For Karpet,
Yuuri, Bulu, bini Yuuri, Besar, Mikan, Khushboo.

I love all of you,
I know you're all in heaven now,
forgive us for we are unable to give you the best life here on Earth,
but God is giving you the most beautiful life 'there',
I'm so happy even just to think about it.

greetings from earth, 
your owner.

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