Saturday, November 6, 2010


 We're in the middle of seasons change,
from autumn to pre-winter
Causing  a lot of my friends to fall sick,

I tried to stay as healthy as possible,
but.. meh.. got sick too at the end. T_T
It all started when I drink a can of Pepsi Light from Ken's.
I started to cough,
that night I had the worst sore throat,
my head felt heavy and my body is a bit warm,
I took Strepsil but it's completely useless.
and it was so freaking noisy outside!! I just fall asleep around 2 am,
and as the result, I missed my Literature class on the next morning..opppss~
It was so weird because as soon as I got up the next day,
my sore throat is completely gone,
my body is just mildly warm and I just coughing occasionally,
One night fever?
I already had these kind of fever twice here.
I though I was healing, because I don't feel so bad,
I used to have worse fever back at home,

Last night,
Mimi and Nazihah came over to stay at my room
Because they're catching the bus to Nottingham on 2 am
we cooked Nasi Goreng Mussels and it tastes really good!
But as soon as they left,
I started to feel a bit unwell and my head is spinning around.

I threw up twice that night..omg, it's so nasty!
It had been 9 years since I last vomit.
I remember that moment well, my body was burning hot,
I drank Milo ice, and I vomited on my sister's BM exercise book.
Poor her, I threw the book away and she had to explain to her teacher.

Eversince that, I never puke, no matter how sick I am.
But last night was so unexpected.
It had been so long that I'd forget how it feels to vomit
Now I can tell exactly how it feels like.

"You started to feel funny,
your mouth is suddenly filled with saliva,
you try to swallow it but it kept coming out,
you feel something moving in your stomach,
then you feel the urge to get up and ran to the bathroom!"

My God, why does vomit have to taste so horrible??
your stomach hurts so much cause it's pushing the half-digested food upwards,
 and then you feel this sticky warm brownish substance in your throat coming out,
tried to wash the sour taste off but it still stuck on your mouth..yuck!
and you can't stop yourself until your stomach said, okay, it's done.

It sucks to fall sick, 
but it sucks more to fall sick and to be alone
wish you were here to look after me. =(


selipar biru said...

get well faiqah dear!

nice blog!
love it!

CaraLov3 said...

buku latihan ak~~~~~~~
doh la chekgu norani tuh~

xox Faiqah xox said...

Aina:: thanks.. nnti nk makan ubat..he3

Atin:: nasib la.. dah kebtulan buku mu ade dpn ak.. x kan nk wat kotor lntai plok..ha3

Nurul Anis said...

faiqah, take care.

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃