Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super old movies bring back memories ^__^

Have you ever try to search for old movies or TV shows that you used to watch when you're very little?
Omg, I loove doing that!

Last time, I tried to search for one old movie that I watched a long, long long long time ago.
It's hard to search when you only have some bits of images floating in your head, but that's what makes it fun!
p/s: This movie have been bugging me for ages!           

 (One of my 'secret super power' is I never forget any movies I watched. Ever.
I can remember super duper old movies that I watched when I'm 5 although I might just remember one scene from the movie. lol.)


 "Movie about a young boy who went into a haunted house and he saw a man in a bunny costume, he screamed and became bald, later his hair started to grow back, he's happy but the hair grow non stop, his friend helped cut his hair in class, he was walking in a storm and his long hair got stuck in the bushes, his hair grow so long it comes out of his pants and when he yells stop, the hair stopped growing, in another scene, one man was painting a picture of the haunted house with a brush and the picture become real and he walks into the picture into the house and saw the man dressed in a bunny costume"

Mr Google must think I'm on some kind of drug for typing this nonsense, but these are the only things I can remember about the movies and I really, really want to watch it again!

I can't believe Mr Google managed to find the movie for me, you are incredible, Google!

The movie is called;

The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

Like.. honestly? What a lame title for such a freaky movie. =_=

Watching the trailer.. it got every scene that I remember! Except the man dressed in a bunny costume.. I must got it mixed up with different movies,lol.

I remember when I watched this (idk how old I was at that time, the movie was released in 1985... so that makes me '-5 years old'?) this movie scared the hell out of me!
and it supposed to be a comedy??? No way!

Ahh.. I miss watching movies as a little kid.

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