Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real-life doll???

Yikes! For a second, I must say I was burning with jealousy when I first saw this picture-perfect girl. How can someone be soo lucky!! ~urghh >_<

She looks like a real life doll, with super-cute face and super-slim figure. I really thought she's Caucasian or half Asian at first -cuz Asian don't have that nose!-, but turns out she's a full Chinese girl (eh??)

I started to dig out more info on this girl (and yes, this is absolutely time-wasting activity but I'm just a curious-cat~ meow!) and found out that this girl is just your everyday school girl living in China. She posted pictures of herself in a social website and suddenly became an overnight internet sensation. It is said that many Koreans wanted to befriends her after seeing her pictures (and I wonder why... =_=).

But soon people began to question her 'perfectly-perfect' looks and many accused her purposely faking the photos.

OMG, you can totally tell whether the photos are fake or real, of course it's fake!
it is obviously Photoshopped!

For one sec, I thought the face is real but if you stare for 5 to 60 seconds- you can tell her face doesn't match well with the body. Her face is too small, eyes too big, no facial lines whatsoever and not even trace of shadows on her face, it's just unnaturally flawless (specially the last pic).

And she has already ADMIT this herself, it's all the wonder of Photoshop.This is her without too much Photoshop;

and this is her without Photoshop;

I think she still look pretty and at least; more 'human'.

It's said that many guys were heart-broken after knowing that the doll girl doesn't really exist.
You poor boys~ What can you expect? Only Yuna from Final Fantasy can look that perfect, and HELLO, it's called 'FANTASY' for a reason! =P
Just accept girls the way we are, okay?

p/s: I want to go back to UK but I don't want to go back to UK, 
I know I'm contradicting myself.

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