Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Beautiful Lie-----♥

I'll be going back to UK in a few days...... Can't really say what I feel at the moment~ I'm not feeling sad, nor am I happy. I just try to keep my feelings -'neutral'. There's no use of being too sad when you can't really do anything about it.

When people met me, they will usually ask, "How's life in UK? It must be really wonderful! You must really like living there...bla bla.." and before I can actually say anything (well,  I'll usually just smile unless they really expect me to give an answer) they will look at me with sparkles in their eyes and tell me how lucky I am and how jealous they are and how they would love to go there too and how I should enjoy my stay in UK to the fullest~~~

Yeah, they're quite right actually. UK is the best place to study, I can't really imagine any better place. But it's not the best place to live, I wouldn't want to stay here longer than 3 years. Honestly.

But when people ask me that question, "How's life in UK?" - I will usually give my 'safe' answer "Well..  it's nothing special~ sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.. life in other country is not always as fun as it seems. Sometimes we post happy things on Facebook, we posted pictures of us playing in the snow and pictures of our trip to Paris,,ect,ect... but after a while we would be lying on our bed crying... because we miss our parents and miss our home and just wanna go back to warm and sunny Malaysia, hehehehehe"

To be really honest, life in oversea is just.. lonely. o_O

S Club 7 - Say Goodbye
Hey, I wasn't trying to be cheesy or anything, (lol)
this song is pretty^^

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