Friday, September 16, 2011

The chills and the creeps.

I arrived safely in uk around 6 am... After 8 hours of tiring waiting in Jeddah airport and two hours to get to Portsmouth from London by bus.. and taxi to get to Margate Road..

---It's one heck of a journey,, and at this moment Im walking like a granny and my right eye is swollen... Yeah i might look like a witch rite now But im so glad to be in uk again!! ;)

Im spending the night in our new rented house and it's creepy like hellz, it's cold n empty and smelly. N theres only the two of us cuz the others will only arrive tomorrow. I miss Harry Law and my old room :'(

When we first got into the house, there was somthing that caught our eyes, this;

It's a cushion (im glad it's not alive) shaped like a giant tarantula sitting on a rock or somthing and note at the ugly colors. I thought it was a dog at first.

Well, thats all for now,,
Its 3 am and i dont know what else to do.

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