Friday, September 9, 2011

My little theory on Marriage ~(o_O)~

When two or more girls get together, the subject of 'marriage' will pop out no matter how pointless it seems to discuss about it, since neither of us are getting married -at the moment- or even have a steady boyfriend.

I always try my best to avoid talking about marriage when I'm hanging out with my girl-friends, cuz I hate it when girls always talk about boys, love and all that dreamy-dreamy stuff while boys generally talk about football, video games and what's the latest gadget in town~

- it just make boys look so cool and girls look so laaame... =_= it's not fair!

BUt I'll make an exception today,
cuz I wanna talk about my theory on teenagers and marriage..
(yeah, it sounds BIG but actually... not really)

Based on my observation (lol), I think how teens react to marriage is greatly influence by their parents marriage. (dang, this is my thesis statement, haha)

I mean, youngsters who are so eager to get married usually have parents who were married in early age and have a happy and great relationship. While those who are a bit hesitate to get married probably comes from a problematic family.

Do I make any sense? Do you agree with me?

I can relate this theory to people around me, remember my Netherlands friend who were born through sperm donation? She told me that she keeps seeing potential in boys whenever she looks at them (Ex: Can this boy be a good husband? Can he be a good father?) These questions keeps playing in her mind causing her to fear the idea of getting married to someone. She can't seems to understand how two people can love each other that they can spend their rest of life together. Well, considering her background, I can understand why she thinks that way. Her father doesn't live with her so she can't imagine how boys can be a good father once they're married.

Annnd I have lots of friends whose parents got married early and have a happy life together and this has cause their children to plan on getting married at younger age as well. They have seen how everything work out fine for their parents and automatically believe that everything will turn out fine for them too.So, that's why they are too excited to get married.

BUT (!) careful, just because your parents have a great marriage it doesn't guarantee that you will have that perfect happy marriage too,, and if your parents had had a broken marriage, it doesn't mean that yours will be a bad one too.. everything has been planned by God and He knows what's best for us, rite?

 (of course, this is not 100% correct and lots of other factors count too...)

Well,,, guess that's all for my not so 'awesome' theory!
I hope I didn't offend anyone,
My only intention is just to share what I had in mind;
and sure we all can talk about things that we feel like talking,
whether it's about boys, marriage, football, video games or the latest gadget in town~
am-so-absolutely cool about it

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