Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday Story.

Last Saturday, me and my friends went to London. My first visit to London after coming back to UK (if I didn't count Gatwick Airport as London, lol). How lucky I am to be in Portsmouth, since London is sooo reachable. Like I said, I hate London, but fun things always happen there, >_<.

We went to see a Japan Festival. Like an event to promote Japan culture, haha, you get the idea. Sushi, anime, kawaii stuff...ect,ect.

but... really embarrassing thing happened before we went to London T_T.

Since none of my housemates wanted to go, I've to go to the train station alone to meet up with others.
 So the plan is to meet at Fratton train station before 8.20 am. I don't remember where is Fratton train station since I've always take train in Southsea train station. So, the night before, I did study Google Map to help me with the direction, (lol, dork). And my friend told me that it's near to ASDA, (5-8 min walk from our house) and she's so confident that it wont be a problem for me to go to ASDA alone,, cuz we always went there every week to buy chicken.

but.. this is Faiqah. the worst, worst, WORST map-reader ever.

So, I woke up at 6 am,
shower, make-up, beakfast,
and started walking at 7.30 am,

and I got lost in the middle of Portsmouth.

I couldn't find ASDA which is supposed to be a 5 min walk from my house. I've been walking for so long I thought I've reached the neighbor village, lol.
All I did is to follow GPS from my phone and I don't know where I am, uwaaa T_T

naik bukit, turun bukit, last2 I call my housemate to ask for direction.
 I told her, all I can see in front of me at that time is a church.

She asked me how on earth I ended up in front of a church?
I don't know.. I only followed my GPS.
She asked, which direction did I went when I first step out of the house, and I said, "Right"
"laa.. patutla sesat.... KIRI la!!"

so, to shorten the story....

my trip-mates were freaking out in the train station cuz I haven't arrived--I asked people to get to ASDA--Afza had to run from train station to find me---we met in front of ASDA (yay!)
but we missed the train.
(thankGod we did get on the next train-10 minutes later, pheww.)

I am so so so sorry for causing all the trouble.

utk Lia, yg dikacau tidurnya sbb sy call utk tnya jalan.
utk Afza, yg trpaksa berlari ke sana sini utk ambil sy.
utk Wani, Izzati, Rai, Nisa, Yana yg trlepas train sbb sy sesat.

I'm sorry, huhu.. i'm so bad with direction.
 I might be the only human in Portsmouth who uses GPS maps to find ASDA...and still lost!

Japan Matsuri 2012

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