Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Sidekicks.

 When Mimi posted this picture on FB, I was overwhelmed by how cute and innocent () we are, ha3. Look at our slippers! This is a joy of being a girl, lol, I don't think boys wear these in their house, (or do they?). Anywayz.. you can see there are all kind of animals living in our house,  frog (Mimi), cat (Nazihah), bear (Lia) and Rabbit (of course, mine!). This fluffy slippers come in handy to protect your feet from cold, really, not just intended for looking fancy.

If the picture was taken in Margate Road (my previous house), there's gonna be another 3 slippers.
Mal's, Didi's and Sanak's. (but i don't think selipar jepun Sanak is gonna fit in the pic, hahaha)

Lastly, I miss our GG, Ghost Generation (LOL) yg baru debut last sem.
pic taken in Turkey, 2012.

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