Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wrong number.

Sunday's story.

I was trying to grab my phone without looking at it and I realized there's a number on the screen. I thought somebody was calling me and then realized that 'I' was the one calling that person,, (!!)  by accident of course. I quickly ended the call before somebody answered it.

After a bit of 'investigation' and looking back at the call history, I'm pretty sure the number belong to Kasturi, she gave it to me during our school visit last week. Then, I got a text from that number, asking,

"Who's this?".

And me, being so confident that it was Kasturi on the other line, I texted back saying;

"Kas, it's me Faiqah.. he3..sorry, I think I accidentally called your number.." (very Malaysian style, lol)

and got a reply;

"I'm not kas and I don't know who he is and where did you get my number??"

erkk... wrong number ka?? well, it's possible..

"You're not kas? Okay, she must hve given a wrong number to me. I'm sorry and I'll delete this number,, no worries." (me; trying to look all professional :p)

"Kas who??"

"Are u playing trick on me, kasturi? Is this really you or not?"

"No I'm not, I don't know how you or "kasturi" has got my number?"

this is the point where I started to lost my temper and get all annoyed...

"Fine then. Chill. She must hv got one number wrong when she gave me her number. No need to freak out.. gosh. Bye."

hah! puas hati ai. annoying. so much.

The fact that s/he cannot accept that: 'people can get a telephone number wrong somtimes' is so so annoying.
why act so scared and freaking out?? 
 aahh.. I know...
that person could be a serial killer, or a secret undercover agent, or just Harry Styles from OneDirection.. lol
so that's why s/he is freaking out when people know her/his phone number.. pftftf..

kinda regretted after looking back at my last text to that person. so mean.. 
nah.. I think I should have write something nastier.

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