Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31st October 2012.

Today is tiring. but happy and wonderful.. ;)

 Wafa' Open house

we have our open house for Eid and housewarming today,, it was fun, though it was really tiring since there's only 4 of us to do the chores.. but definitely worth it! I love seeing the smiles, the laughter from people who came. I hope the food is alright,, ;)


How nice! thanks to those who came.. I really wanna do this again, though we're all complaining about how our backs hurt last night,lol.

It's Halloween day!

yes, 31st October is also a Halloween day, and yes, there are kids turning up on our front door for 'Trick or Treats'. And like always we have to hide; pretend like nobody's home, when all the candies have gone out,lol. No spare candies in this house.

 I was planning to go out during Halloween night, but since we had open house today, I was too tired for that.
so, what's my Halloween memory?

I went to London Bridge Experience, got chased by monsters and ghosts in London Tomb, and on the way back home, we spent the time telling ghost stories in the train, he3.. with Intan and Wani, brave girls,lol.


Today is someone's birthday.
Guess who?

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